necklace give-a-away | what tickles your (onyx) feather?

want to feel like a russian princess? well here's your chance! to kick off the holiday season onyx feather is giving away an exclusive modern-vintage piece from our newly debuted st. petersburg collection! the katarina piece (valued at $95) is a mix of faceted cranberry quartz droplets, vintage raw brass tubes, a gold-plated chain, and an etched toggle clasp. in customary onyx feather style 15 percent of the retail price of the katarina piece will go to the legacy scholarship fund of invisible children —an exemplary nonprofit that fights to end the use of child soldiers. one gift, two recipients: the perfect holiday surprise!
there are two ways to enter:

to enter via facebook:
1. like the onyx feather fan page (here) and
2. leave us one wall message that tells us which onxy feather collection or city tickles your feather and why. (the collections are cairo, paris, cyprus and st. petersburg. to view them on our website click here.)

 or to enter via twitter:

1. follow onyx feather on twitter @onyx_feather
2. retweet the following message: 2 win our quartz droplets necklace retweet this, follow us&; tweet us ur fav #onyxfeather city&why http://tiny.cc/0axhh
3. send us one tweet that tells us which onyx feather collection or city tickles your feather and why. (the collections are cairo, paris, cyprus and st. petersburg. to view them on our website click here.)

contest begins tuesday, november 30th and ends friday, december 10 at 6pm. winner will be announced (with *much* fanfare) on monday, december 13th. eligibility requirements: contestants must be a resident of the continental usa or canada. only one entry per person is allowed. good luck! -the onyx feather tribe.


                           image | melia moore                                

gift ideas | the little black eyeliner kit

the little black eyeliner kit is a brilliant play on the little black dress idea. it's a sampler of seven different types of eyeliner (liquid, kohl, eye pencil, etc) from a variety of really good make-up companies (urban decay, make-up forever, smashbox, etc) and it comes with an eyeliner brush. perfect gift idea for someone who experiments with make-up, or wears a lot of eye liner. best part? it's valued at $112 and going for $36.

                                 image | sephora


great expectations | shiny things!

it's officially the holiday season.  
::dusting off the party dresses::  
what better way to compliment your holiday party attire than an onyx feather piece from the new st. petersburg collection?! 
and what better than entering our russian princess give-a-away to win this necklace?
details on tuesday.

                                                        image | mr. price


blog travels | metal & roses

am so wildly and madly addicted to the vamoose tumblr. and she makes the coolest necklaces.

(!happy thanksgiving everyone!)

                                                               images | the vamoose


great expectations | onyx feather st. petersburg collection debut

peter the great secured all the antique jewelry, belonging to the period between the fifteenth till the seventeenth century, in a strong room located in st. petersburg, in his winter palace."
finally---the st. petersburg collection has launched. (you can view it here.)  still a few minor tweaks needed here and there  (as always!) but it’s live and ready to be viewed. the collection was inspired by the quote above and it’s the reason I chose st. petersburg when researching russian cities. the concept for the shoot was ballerina on and off-duty. russia has such a rich history with ballet and it was fun to dip into that past and remix it with more modern images for the look book. thanks to the incredible onyx feather team (melia, emily, tegan, lauren, jessica and ashley) for all the hard work you've put it in; couldn't be done without you!  
                                                                               image | tegan hare


great expectations | st. petersburg collection countdown

the st. petersburg collection debuts tonight! and there will be updates to the cyprus and cairo collections! here's a preview of the helen of troy necklace from the cyprus line.
                                                   image | melia moore for onyx feather


great expectations | st. petersburg collection countdown

three (sleepless) days until the new onyx feather collection arrives!
necklaces featured above: elizaveta, svetlana, and katarina from the st. petersburg collection.
enjoy the weekend!

                                                    image | melia moore for onyx feather


gift ideas | iphone/ ipod cases

i am "hail mary christmas present" girl. it's the last quarter (december), third down (night before christmas), and i'm always still christmas shopping. have you ever shopped on christmas eve? it's wild. shelves are barren, workers are cowering in deserted backrooms to hide from customers, and barbarian shoppers are just grabbing everything in sight--including structural pieces.

boy: "but mommy, i don't think grandma wants a miley cyrus "can't be tamed" special edition hairdryer?"
crazed mother: "what do you want from me tommy?! they are out of crystal knitting needles!"

so this year i'm blogging gift ideas so i can stay ahead of the game and avoid the whole barbarian consumerism scene. the wool/felt/leather combination on this iphone/ipod case by byrd and belle for $26? ding, ding, ding!

                                                             via | byrd and belle

closet building blocks | funnel neck sweaters

generally dislike sweaters. they are bulky, baggy and when created badly make you like a crocheted potato. it's always refreshing to find one with some element of design interest. enter the funnel neck sweater. love a great sweater with an oversized funnel neck. and it has 3/4 length sleeves to balance out the volume on top. it's casual done correctly. loving this cute eggplant? royal purple? (take your pick) sweater by bratislava. comes in ash white, navy, and black as well.

                                                                    image | bratislava


blog travels | gift ideas

the "2 or 3 things i know" blogger recently had a post about how she can't look at spinning tops without thinking she's in a dream after watching the movie inception. wouldn't these tops be a great present under the tree if they were paired with a dvd of the movie?

                                          image |  2 or 3 things i know | the general store


vintage travels | record players

me + a vintage record player? i think it’s meant to be. while shooting the winter line over the weekend, we decided to stick with the onyx feather wanderlust vibe by incorporating vintage suitcases and emily’s   record player, which i instantly fell in love with (sign #1). this morning, while catching up on flygirls blog, of course i stumbled upon her urban’s vintage turntables  entry (sign #2). my dad has an abundance of records from the 70’s & 80’s, hanging out in the basement, waiting to be passed along to me (sign #3). yes. me + the vintage record player are most definitely meant to be. --Jessica W.
                                             via | fly girl | vertical house | brightside | sans_sanity


great expectations | sneak peak into the new line....

survived the onyx feather winter shoot and the private trunk show this weekend because woodson, day-quil, and decongestant tablets were the wind beneath my wings. (almost wrote "wings beneath my wings". blame it on the day-d-day-d-daytime sudafed?) can't wait to unveil the entire line. for now here is some guerrilla behind-the-scenes footage woodson shot with her iphone of a swarovski crystal and vintage chain necklace from the new collection. more sneak peaks on our twitter page!
got some great things coming up on the blog in the next two weeks including a necklace give-a-way........
stay tuned!


emperor's new clothing? | boxed water

boxed water. is this really happening?

                                                via  |  boxed water is better | t magazine blog


label love | lesa wallace

the inspire bag by lesa wallace.
the buttery camel color can successfully transition through every season with you.
right now i picture it with a red plaid button down shirt.
dark skinny jeans.
flat boots.
maybe a grey blazer?
definitely a grey tweed blazer.
                                                             images | lesa wallace

all ears | philosophic tweets

"the voice of an activist should be like the sound of a whistle. beautiful enough to fit within the culture + abrasive enough to shift it." | falling whistles      
have you heard about falling whistles? wrote about them here. today is the last leg of their dc tour. if you are in the area you should stop by. details here.


blog travels | menswear magazines

love valet mag. in a really intensely passionate way.  as much as a woman can love a men’s online magazine. why is valet mag so great?   it’s the ultimate site for men about every etiquette or personal grooming question they might have and everything about it—from the design to the contentis exceptionally sleek.   their handbook section is the holy grail of situational resources. in quick succinct delivery it tells a guy everything he needs to know: how to get that perfect two-day scruff, how to detail your car in 15 mins, how to take care of your ties, how to open a drink without a bottle opener, the right percentages for tipping different vendors, how to choose the right grill, or buy the right flowers, how to get a bartenders attention or my personal favorite:  a review on the validity of men's lip balm.  check it out.    
  images | valet


blog travels | modern wreaths

had a dream about this wreath last night. (which probably means i need to see someone about design blog addiction right?) check out the twig and thistle tutorial here.
in other wreath news, yes i have more news about wreaths…how is that even possible? a friend invited me to honor the memory of recent fallen soldiers by laying wreaths in arlington cemetery with wreaths across america. great  idea, especially around the holidays. how encouraging would it be to visit the grave of a loved one and see that other people have acknowledged his/her memory as well? more information here.
                                                                                     image | twig and thistle


blog travels | home studio

intensely hectic weekend ahead filled with lots of advance work for the upcoming winter shoot and trunk show. these designers have a make-shift studio in their apartment which is an incredible solution for last minute shoots and days with crappy weather. 

::the sound of cogs turning in my brain::

enjoy the weekend!

                                                                 image | the selby


blog travels | all business (cards)

isn't this synecdoche business card fun?

spent the day looking at different options for our onyx feather business cards with the team. putting twelve different options in front of a group of diverse people is always a roller coaster ride.

me: "do we use inquiries@onyxfeather.com or hello@onyxfeatheronline.com?"
mm: "hmm. inquires is elegant, hello is accessible."
me (puzzled): "do i want to be elegant or accessible? or is elegance accessible?"
frank (emphatically): "never decide. you want to be both."
me: "the card can't have both."
mm: "what would DVF do?"
emily: "ahahaha yes. that is the question."
me: "elegance. the woman drips of elegance. diane von furstenberg would never say: "hello.""
tegs: "you've got your answer then."

can't wait to see and share the finals!


vintage travels | mod purse or laptop case

look at it. it's beckoning to you. sort of whispering your name isn't it? it's saying: carry me. i'm different. i'm not a homogeneous item from target. every girl on the metro won't have me in another color.  i have a luxurious red interior. you can use me as a purse. or laptop case. or briefcase. i catch people off guard. i'm unusual. i'm 50 dollars. and you can find me here on etsy.

ok i'm done now.

                                                    photos | mills design co

inspirational women | diane von furtsenberg

woodson, emily, and i got a rare opportunity to hear diane von fursternberg tell her life story last night in an intimate woman’s seminar on business and philanthropy. her bio was incredible:  she got knocked up, married a prince quickly to avoid scandal (i never said her story was “normal”), invented the wrap dress, became successful, sold the rights to her name, saw her name basterdized in the consumer world, years later had to fight to rebuild her brand and name again.  it was illustrated with personal images and lyrically delivered in her trademark accent and abrupt-to-the-point manner:   (“when you are a mother you love your kids, when they are teenagers you hate them and they hate you…so I sent them to boarding school and I moved to paris!” or “i couldn’t find a president for the CFDA—no one wanted to be president. so I said “fine, i will be president and i’ll make it so fabulous people will want to be president after i am!””)     
she was also extremely elegant. her elegance oozed off the stage and when you tried to grab some and bottle it up it dissipated into thin air.  best thing she said during the seminar:
 i have a little thing i do. when i wake up in the morning i like to do something for other people before i do something for myself. it’s a routine. it can be anything. because i have a lot of contacts now it can even be sending an email to two people introducing them. because sending an email is nothing to me, but it might completely change the life of the recipients.


video + blog travels | ballet

light blog posting due to huge deadlines + the upcoming winter shoot.  love these images; they are wonderful inspiration for some things coming up on the onyx feather horizon. here is a link to the runaway video by k. west featuring  victoria secret model selita ebanks playing the role of a phoenix-bird-person-goddess-thingy. her makeup and wardrobe are exceptional and make every woman want to be a phoenix-bird-person-goddess-thingy. check out this  fly blog post to see images of her. the white eye shadow, mascara, and phillip lim feathers make my heart pirouette.

photos | runaway | james hill
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