great expectations | onyx feather st. petersburg collection debut

peter the great secured all the antique jewelry, belonging to the period between the fifteenth till the seventeenth century, in a strong room located in st. petersburg, in his winter palace."
finally---the st. petersburg collection has launched. (you can view it here.)  still a few minor tweaks needed here and there  (as always!) but it’s live and ready to be viewed. the collection was inspired by the quote above and it’s the reason I chose st. petersburg when researching russian cities. the concept for the shoot was ballerina on and off-duty. russia has such a rich history with ballet and it was fun to dip into that past and remix it with more modern images for the look book. thanks to the incredible onyx feather team (melia, emily, tegan, lauren, jessica and ashley) for all the hard work you've put it in; couldn't be done without you!  
                                                                               image | tegan hare

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