inspiration | launch party ideas...

have been strictly forbidden from brainstorming any launch party ideas.
until weeks after the line launches.

this is absolutely fair | mouthwatering fruit salad right?
 and incredibly logical | gotta have customized, homemade popsicles...

and utterly impossible | outdoors. it has to be outdoors.

(i can't be saved can i?)


writing’s on the wall (paper) | hygge & west

 does this image nurture my unquenchable wallpaper obsession? ja!
       can you check out more sublime wallpaper designs at hygge & west? ja!


blog travels | food styling

if i were a green vegetable lying in the grocery store i'd sacrifice myself to the owner of the smitten kitchen food blog. i'd roll up to her cart and say:  "take me. peel me. slice me. dice me. boil me. oil me."
because i'd rather die with delicious food-styling dignity in her kitchen than in the kitchen of a hassled soccer mom who throws me into a pot of congealing hamburger helper.                                                   

images + recipes | smitten kitchen


how to | mix in menswear

introducing menswear into a outfit without looking like a female linebacker may seem daunting, but it's actually easily achievable in 3 simple steps:
1.  important: your clothing must fit properly. (this might involve a tailor—worth it if it’s an investment piece.)
2.  clash and complement.  mix patters or textures that are different, but make sure they have a complimentary common denominator. (example: a dark-gray herringbone skirt will most likely complement a light-gray plaid shirt.)
3.  add an element of brazen femininity. bright  lipstick. or colorful heels. or a statement clutch. or a fluorescent belt. just one though.  in the image below lucy meets this criteria by showcasing a lot of leg with her mini dress.

 here's an example of how a purse and open-toe summer booties  can make a traditionally masculine outfit seem more feminine.

images via | lucylaucht


great expectations | web site launch countdown...

You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness.| mad hatter 

the onyx feather web site goes live in six days. the e-boutique launches in eleven. and i get my "muchiness" back in twelve!

image via |  fashion toast's lovely jewelry collection


color wheel | mint, silver, and white

there's something about mint. it's fresh, crisp, and hardly overdone. it's refreshing in little doses (i.e. solange in the refinery 29 shoot above), or it can be used to make a statement. (like the cropped mint pants below. the ones that most girls would look like a court jester in except for this girl in berlin. and this girl.)


step it up | the penny snake wedge heel

instructions: just add skinny jeans.


tastes like | sublime clothing

mouthwatering sushi. if one could translate this sushi  box image into wearable clothing it might look a little something like this:


blog travels | packaging inspiration

have been on an endlessly long creative journey to find the consummate way to package the onyx feather necklaces. (yep, overachiever in the house.) since the collections are travel-themed the idea is to incorporate luggage tags into the final ready-to-ship product. then while surfing mr. price (so much love for that blog), stumbled upon these vintage ralph lauren tags that shane cranford (great creative eye) uncovered. inspired. stay tuned to see how this vintage label concept translates to the final onyx feather packaging.


blog travels | tastes like edible art

freakishly hot in dc today. so hot that all the women wearing avia tennis shoes and bobby socks with their ann taylor suits (shiver) look like they're walking on hot coals. these popsicles from pop bar are the sublime solution. if only pop bar was located in dc.

via | lushlee

behind the scenes | onyx feather photoshoot

models studying the images...

hairspray much?

yes.15 pairs of heels for a shoot that mainly comprises of torso and head shots...
 goofing around during the paris shoot.


blog travels | that shirt!

 funky chic? yes.

image from here
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