blog travels | jewelry storage systems

have been searching for the perfect storage solution for housing all the semi-precious stones, jewelry tools, and finished onyx feather necklaces. finally: the answer (above). it involves a lot of painting. with black paint. which i swore i would never do again after the black paint kitchen fiasco of august 09. but i'm a different person now. the kind of person that doesn't run from spiders or accidentally get black paint and dr pepper all over the floor of the kitchen at 3am in the morning while listening to the usher pandora station.


below the belt | environmentally responsible underwear?

pact underwear brand just won the 2010 industrial design and excellence awards. the idea behind pact: blending social responsibility with underwear. in the words of pact: "nothing that is shipped to you - the underwear, fabric bags, or compostable shipping bag and labels - should end up in a landfill." in addition to this, 10 percent of your purchase goes to an environmentally responsible non-profit. see? now you can feel good about those tighty-whiteys.

rule breaker | mixing jewelry

loving the mishmash of jewelry pictured here. it's outdated to think jewelry has to perfectly coordinate. the days of wearing  gold earrings only with a gold necklace are over. if you want to wear your silver ring with your brass one: do it. the key is doing it artfully.


step it up | toms shoes

toms: innovative company, exemplary mission. (for every pair of shoes you purchase toms will give a new pair to a child in need.) have a passionate love affair with toms that goes way back. finally: these are the ones i've been waiting for. (they're vegan. which rather ignorantly makes me wonder if i can eat them.)


blog travels | vintage velvet

presenting the roberta di camerino yellow velvet purse...
never thought a merger of yellow + velvet could create such a hot commodity.

buy it here.


anchors away | nautical inspired totes

can i interest you in the striped tokyo tote? made with organic cotton, undyed full grained leather, and nickel straps. perfect for running around town,  or cavorting to the beach, or using it to lug books/a laptop to class, or even as a stylish diaper bag.  rib and hull has a great selection of organic canvas totes in the 40 dollar range and they let you customize your materials.


blog travels | vintage-inspired shades

can't tell if its the actual tortoise shades or the photography of the tortoise shades that make these so enticing?


great expectations | the necklaces are coming ...

cyprus line | aphrodite
         type | semi precious + vintage

as you can imagine everything is incredibly crazy behind the scenes right now. don't mean to get all bette middler but i have an incredible handful of talented people who are the wind beneath my onyx feather wings with this launch. the blog redesign + new website  +  the jewelry line launch last week of june!

photographer | emily barenbregge


label love | stella mccartney

(killing us softly with the flyness stella.)
 update: even better shot found via shiny squirrel and jak & jil.

stepping out | jelly bathing shoes

never thought it could be possible to love and respect jelly shoes again (flash-back to middle school) until laying eyes upon these sublime jelly bathing shoes from f-troupe ($42). thanks london for putting a funky fresh twist on a played-out trend.


substance + style | falling whistles

loving the engraved gunmetal whistle necklace from falling whistles. 100 percent of the proceeds go to rehabilitate and advocate for war-affected children in Congo. wear your protest. be a whistle blower for peace.


the eyes have it | stylish + affordable frames

5 reasons you should get warby parker frames

1. really funky vintage-inspired frames.
2. their rebellion against the eye industry: all eye-wear is under $100.
3. their social responsibility: for every pair you buy they donate a pair to someone in need.
4. they offer free shipping, free home try-ons, and free returns.
5. the story behind their name....

 via | warby parker


blog travels | print maxi dresses

first thought when someone says the words maxi dress: cute and comfortable. i never think: sexy. until i saw this mara hoffman dress...
and here comes the back.......
i think i would just walk backwards everywhere?


wild thing! | cage skirt

for those days you wake up and think to yourself: i really want to wear a cage to work this morning...

credits: custom order leather cage skirt from norweigan wood.


label love | mika organic

mika organic: an organic clothing line that donates 5 percent of their profits to organizations that support endangered species and their habitats. have slowly grown fond of this weird sheep shirt. wear it with black skinny jeans, gold flats...yes? no?.....too much?


label love | french connection

madly love this french connection feather print top. some would say it's the graphic black + white feather print. others would say it's the voluminous ruffles. whatever it is, this top is wicked. if only it were long enough to be a mini dress ...that would be killer.

image via: swank heights

label love | KAGE

discovered KAGE (a funky Dubai-based clothing line) while perusing the lovely burrs & berries. the floral dress + hat combination (featured in the polaroid tower below) has the perfect balance of summer femininity + fun. anticipating more design talent that emerges from the middle east.


blog travels | food styling

love food. and love great styling. end result: huge fan of the cannelle-vanille blog. the recipes are insanely creative (innovative twists on normal recipes) and the food styling/photography is incredible. featured above: red currant and raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches.

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