globe travels | no shades of grey

this must be what it feels like to see the world in black and white. the globes were found in mjölk. love this well-curated, scandinavian and japanese furniture store.

pinterest travels | quirky finds & jewelry boards

came across this upholstered wonder on lolita (via pinterest). not usually a pink furniture fan but how can you bypass a vintage frame, fabric that looks dipped in liquid silk and silver studding? the second one is reupholstered in a chenille aqua spot--isn't it brilliant? it would be stunning in an eclectic, boutique office. speaking of pinterest, i am currently curating several boards on there. my current favorite is the jewelry board--it features a vibrant mix of jewelry i love from quirky, indie designers. the beauty board is growing stronger every day though--it might do a violent takeover in a few weeks. you know those bold red lipsticks, they play dirty.


iphone travels | instagram

after years of religious loyalty to the blackberry tribe i am immersed in the wonderful, addictive iphone world that is instagram. here is a link to current onyx feather images. instagram name is onyx_feather. join the fun!


onyx feather files | wanderlust jewelry give-away!

spring is in the air! giant global warming mosquitoes and massive spores of last year’s pollen are everywhere; this means it’s time to do a twitter give-a-way! we’re giving away two sets of tribal-infused earrings (above) from our rio de janeiro collection to kick off spring. the winner picks the pair of earrings they’d like and the runner up takes the second pair.

how to enter:
every onyx feather collection is inspired by and named after a world city. current collections are cairo, paris, cyprus, rio de janiero and st. petersburg. (check out the collections here.)

1.      in one tweet tell  @onyx_feather which new city you’d like to see as the basis for our next collection and why. (must be one tweet!) that’s all it takes.

contest ends at midnight (eastern daylight time) wednesday, march 21st. winners will be announced on thursday, march 22nd.

details about the earrings
1. alda: speckled turquoise Czech glass, vintage brass and 14k-gold-fill hooks. ($45)
2. margarida: vintage gold-plated spikes, howlite stones, fuchsia-dyed wood and 14k-gold-fill hooks. ($40) more info on the earrings can be found here.

must be a u.s. resident to be eligible. (sorry canada + the rest of the world.)

We went with 3 Wanderlust give-away winners instead of two because the options were amazing! Winning cities: Bali, Hong Kong & Santa Fe! Brilliant choices, congrats to the winners!

shop update | gracilia necklace

this hot cyprus necklace went up in the onyx feather e-boutique today. i think it's the perfect way to welcome in spring! expect more rio and cyprus necklaces in the store over the course of the next few weeks.


wrap it up | packaging seals

packaging is one of the best things about working with a consumer product. (i am a packaging addict. in college i was known for spending hours elaborately wrapping gifts with unusual materials. i would ceremoniously carry out this procedure the night before final exams.)  over the past two years my wrapping process has evolved along with the business. i usually wrap onyx feather jewelry with tissue before it's boxed and packaged travel-style. for the past few weeks i've been on the hunt for a quirky seal to finish the process. in the wanderlust spirit of the jewelry line i've fallen in love with these map seals from finland. lovely right?


travels | san francisco

for the past week i've been taking a break from the east coast to explore san francisco and take care of some onyx feather stuff.  it's been wonderful weather, world class food (there is lemon olive oil running through my veins instead of blood right now) and unbelievable shopping. i'll have more pictures when i get back. during this trip i've also gotten to watch kony 2012 gain traction. so proud of  every person who took the time to stand up and make a difference about an issue most people hadn't heard about. and to engage teenagers--that's so difficult to do. there is power in advocacy. and this is only just the beginning. can't wait to see how this campaign will affect legislative policy later this year. i wish we could spend more time paying attention to issues like kony and syria and less time absorbing news stories about angelina's leg or snooky's pregnancy.

                      [images via onyx_feather instagram, necklaces by onyx feather]


treasure chest | beme jewellery

the first piece is an 18k-gold vermeil cocktail ring composed of druzy, honey drop agate and pearl stone. the one below is composed of fuchia druzy, rose quartz. they are both created by turkish designer beme jewellery and at $35 they are a steal. the wonders of etsy right? more below.

                                                           via | beme jewellery
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