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woodson, emily, and i got a rare opportunity to hear diane von fursternberg tell her life story last night in an intimate woman’s seminar on business and philanthropy. her bio was incredible:  she got knocked up, married a prince quickly to avoid scandal (i never said her story was “normal”), invented the wrap dress, became successful, sold the rights to her name, saw her name basterdized in the consumer world, years later had to fight to rebuild her brand and name again.  it was illustrated with personal images and lyrically delivered in her trademark accent and abrupt-to-the-point manner:   (“when you are a mother you love your kids, when they are teenagers you hate them and they hate you…so I sent them to boarding school and I moved to paris!” or “i couldn’t find a president for the CFDA—no one wanted to be president. so I said “fine, i will be president and i’ll make it so fabulous people will want to be president after i am!””)     
she was also extremely elegant. her elegance oozed off the stage and when you tried to grab some and bottle it up it dissipated into thin air.  best thing she said during the seminar:
 i have a little thing i do. when i wake up in the morning i like to do something for other people before i do something for myself. it’s a routine. it can be anything. because i have a lot of contacts now it can even be sending an email to two people introducing them. because sending an email is nothing to me, but it might completely change the life of the recipients.

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