design challenge | the essence of a cactus

turning exhibit a (an image similar to my striped cactus at home) into a necklace. the materials in exhibit b (taken with instagram) are: leopard jasper, agate, limestone, and coconut shells. challenge ends on march 31. i'll post an image of the final product.



globe trotter | wayfare magazine

a new travel publication—wayfare—just launched and i’m simply mad about it. it fuses everything i love (stories, travel, great photography and design) into one impeccably curated publication. also, it has an elegant humility that a lot of travel publications do not possess. there are no lofty, elitist goals or bravado adventures to showcase, just the simple goal of spreading the spirit of discovery. “not a single person here is a travel expert or social media visionary. every element of what we do benefits from collaboration.” –erica dublin (wayfare)

journey through the pages of wayfare here.

                                                                       [wayfare ]


ear to the ground | turntable kitchen’s pairings box

turntable kitchen is an innovative site created by a san francisco couple that fuses well-curated music with mouth watering recipes. it’s the ultimate combination for foodie-music heads. (don’t worry, it’s nothing as obvious as vampire weekend paired with blood orange vinaigrette.)  what i’m really loving is their pairings box subscription. it comes with a limited edition vinyl single, a digital mixtape, premium dried recipe ingredients, a collection of recipes and a few other surprises, all for $25 dollars a month.  brilliant! this is my new go-to birthday gift for all the music heads in my life—check out the details here, it drops in march. now if someone could just invent a site that pairs jewelry with music…

                                                            via |  turntable kitchen


onyx feather files | necklace packaging

sad to see our sweet valentine's day packaging go; it was a customer favorite. the vintage brooches were a fun addition.  not to worry though, more lovely packing goodness where this came from. working on a spring version.


standing ovation | adele


                                                               via | npr


blog travels | custom jewelry storage


                               my next project—acquiring/building/stealing/borrowing one of these.

                                                              via | song of style 


site travels | jan edition of rue magazine

a little late in the game with this one, but i love the january edition of rue magazine. the house tours, the valentine's day spread...well done rue team. especially the rue shops section with the spotlight on dc boutiques like trohv, good wood and fifteen eleven. can't wait to explore trohv (a quirky little gift shop in tacoma park).

                                                            via | rue magazine


onyx feather press | valentine's day lookbook

shimmering pink quartz, gold-plated dagger earrings, earthy agate--our valentine's day lookbook is here. and it's got something for everyone. check it out: here

also we're featured in the washington post's dc scout valentine's day gift guide!
15% off all necklaces in the e-boutique!


onyx feather files | valentine's day lookbook preview

here's a teaser for our valentine's day lookbook. it's coming out later this week. men, pay attention. repeat after me: women loooove jewelry.

now watching | kony 2012 preview

invisible children was sweet to do a write up about onyx feather. check it out here. more importantly, they have a new film coming out: kony 2012. if you don't know joseph kony is, you should check out the promo here. he is one of the world's ten most wanted. think of the sorts of things you'd have to do to earn that title. the last words of the video send a chill through my spine: "in 2012 don't study history, make history. justice is here. stop at nothing."

                                                              via | invisible children
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