blog travels | wearing your music taste on your tee

makes conversation 10x simpler doesn't it? 


cheap n chic | thread sence

big fan of these inexpensive accessories from thread sence. really liking this mix of black, wood, and turquoise hued faux stones in the abstract stone statement ring ($15). also ensnared by this carefully coordinated bangle mix of tribal, animal print, pewter and mint. can you tell i'm prematurely longing for summer?

                                                       via | thread sence


step it up | the gold standard

finally met my match: gilded herringbone toms.

label love | a. toy

enthralled with the buttery-ness of this lambskin charlie tote by a. toy. even more captivated by the fact it can be worn two ways (tote style or long shoulder.) love versatility.

                                                  via | a. toy | shiny squirrel


notes on a music non-conformist | amel larrieux

in a musical landscape where songs get old quickly, beats are retired and then reused, and true talent is substituted for sex appeal, it is a gift to have independent artists like amel larrieux. amel is brilliant. her sincerity and individuality permeate everything from her magnetic voice to her vulnerable lyrics. love listening to her bravebird cd; it never gets old.

here's a short interview with her that gives you a glimpse into how she approaches music and a sneak peak of her beautiful daughters.


the holidays | happy christmas!

some seasonal images i love. 1.festive garland on capitol hill (where i live)  2. iced oatmeal cookies from smitten kitchen. (she took it there with cinnamon frosting!). 3. the onyx feather elizaveta necklace.


                             rockstar diaries | smitten kitchenmelia moore for onyx feather


label love | three little ducks

is it too cold to be thinking about these pieces from three little ducks?
                                                          via | three little ducks | coco kelly


blog travels | seasonal decor

it's been a crazy couple of weeks in onyx feather world. gift giving season = a busy time for the line. while i love attending all the christmas events & parties in dc  every night i just can't ::wait:: for the city to slow down again during the new year. i will miss all the christmas lights and decor all over the city though. aren't these party horns from kate's paperie fun? they get you in the new year's eve spirit.

         via | kate's paperie | the neo-traditionalist


blog travels | impeccable styling

some women are just so effortlessly fly.

                                                                          via | garance dore


onyx feather | invisible children update

what a wonderful week. got to send out the first quarterly onyx feather check to the invisible children legacy scholarship fund! it makes all the hectic, crazy moments associated with this line so worth it. thank you to every customer, friend, supporter, blogger, publication, and tribe member that made this possible.  invisible children is such a remarkable organization and i’m grateful you would use your purchasing power to join the mission of using art to help create a positive impact in the lives of war-affected children.


shop it to me | ethereal dresses

the lorick inez dress. "gossomer silk gold threads spun together in a high collar shift. paired with a loose gold silk slip. 100 percent silk. belt not included.”
they had me at the whole elves spinning gold thread into the dress part.
                                                                         image | sunday brunch dress shop


step it up | buttery booties

have been such a bad blogger! no more though. just got back from a trip to new york city and discovered: sweet milk gelato from eataly (bite-your-tongue-delicious),  amy’s bread biscuits (they didn't even need butter), and some beautiful stones and crystals for holiday custom order pieces i'm currently fulfilling. i'm losing my *brilliant* intern to this wonderful/creative/dirty city and i wouldn't have it any other way! more about that in another post.
so excited to catch up on the blogs and pretty internet things i’ve been missing. how about these buttery scalloped booties to start out with? (would look stunning with heather gray tights.) and this set of white veneto trunks with silver hardware? only $60!  perfect for concealing a disorganized mess in a stylish way.

great expectations | holiday give-a-way winner!

 .....and the winner of the what tickles your onyx feather give-a-way is brittany j!!!!  loved her tweet about the elegance and romanticism of our paris line. ::congratulations brittany!:: you’ll be receiving your one-of-a-kind  red quartz + gold droplet katarina necklace (from our st. petersburg line) along with an email this week!
thanks to everyone that entered via twitter and facebook!
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