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looking for an online destination that beams you out of your lifeless cubicle and transports you into a wonderful world of enchanting, quintessentially french objects? look no further than manon-gignoux. its alternate world of tailored country-chic clothing, artful accessories, fabric sculptures, dressed objects (yes, that does sound like a creepy fetish), and photographs will have you levitating in your office. (that is until your boss yells your name and slams a stack of TPS reports on your desk.)          


blog travels | wild thing!

the past few weeks have been spent seeking out inspirational hairstyles for the upcoming photoshoot.
isn't she lovely? isn't her hair absolutely ::wild::?


spring/summer nights | zoe saldana

love zoe saldana’s funky look in this image.
the wavy hair, cut out t-shirt, high-waisted denim skirt and touch of animal skin ::scream:: spring/summer nights. she’s the latest nylon magazine cover girl—check out bits of the not-particularly thought-provoking interview.


step it up | alexander mcqueen booties

all the pretty birds is a favorite blog destination. featured there is an image that illustrates a perfect winter-spring transitional outfit.
trench? check
lace? check
zippers? check
wicked hot peep toe booties? check
sexy for summer legs? check 

she does so much, without doing too much. 
(difficult concept to master).

spring forecast | delagarza

rodrigo m. de la garza is a mexican designer based in warsaw, poland. he brings an element of quirky playfulness to well-tailored menswear. check out his website for his spring/summer collection.      
image source |


treasure chest | molly-hanna designs

who: molly hanna carey
occupation: j crew wedding collection  + jewelry designer
product:  funky eclectic pieces of jewelry sunshine.  
notes: her pieces aren’t mass produced—they're all one-of-a-kind compiled from vintage finds. they can be found at select j. crew collection stores + on her website.
want more? check out an interview with her. (isn't she lovely?)


rule breaker | how to mix black, brown, and navy

sometimes style feels like a math equation. (do my boots + leggings + blazer = an outfit i can wear to my friend's third engagement party?) which is why we love it when magazines like lucky give us the cheat sheet.

brown, black, and navy.  for years we've been warned not to wear them together because if we did the galaxy would explode and we'd all be blown to smithereens like tattered pieces of rubber after a balloon has been popped.

but style rules are made to broken. (ex. "don't wear white shoes after labor day," or "never wear horizontal stripes, they make you look fat.") the key is: avoid looking like you accidentally wore these colors together b/c you are colorblind and live in an apartment with no sunlight (and stolen light bulbs). they must look purposefully styled. and then the outfit will make sense.

here's a very specific lucky mag slideshow explaining a formula for wearing "black, brown, and navy." all three might be a lot to start out with, so if you are just testing the waters experiment with just black and brown initially (very fun).

happy well-styled clashing!


cuff em' | old gold boutique

when one thinks of canada the following things might come to mind: maple syrup, canadian bacon, south park, mike myers (yes, he is. just accept it), weird accents and do they really have an army? here's one more thing to add to that list: old gold boutique. there’s something inherently irresistible about their cuffs; perhaps it’s the contrast brought about by the delicate etching on such a cold, industrial, brass surface?

(wear this cuff aboot town.)

discovered via | eatdrinkchic
image source |old gold boutique


notes on a style non-conformist | janelle monáe

tonight grammy nominee janelle monáe plays a sold out show at the black cat in dc. ::excited:: while her unconventional talent is undeniable (she’s been endearingly labeled an "outkast prodigy"), it’s her off-beat style that  leaves her calling card.
for more on janelle check out this 2009 npr interview with her.
images |


color wheel | army green + deep red

experimenting with lively or unexpected colors is a simple element to great styling. so “color wheel” will be an ongoing series highlighting playful or unconventional color combinations.
army green countering a strong red (whether it’s engine red, burgundy, carnelian, ruby, carmine, etc) is an effortless way to create visual interest. when paired together incorrectly they look like christmas in july, but when done expertly these colors radiate an army-chic vibe.
source | garance dore         
   source | street etiquette    
"blue steel?"     source | military photos


shop it to me | ruche

ruche—an aspiring online shop—is reminiscent of a crazy old aunt’s wild garden that was let go after her husband left her for a red-haired flamenco dancer with implants. ivy, nettles, and dandelions (the equivalent of polyester, rayon and acrylic) reign supreme in this shop but if you search hard and long enough you can find some reasonably-priced pretty flowers among the thorns. examples below.


fix it fast | shrinking shoes

we've all been there. you purchase the loveliest pair of leather boots/high heels/pumps after they appear to fit perfectly. you wear them out of the house. after the first hour your foot starts to throb. the throbbing turns into pounding. pounding turns into limping. limping turns into the angry realization that you will never be able to wear these new shoes again because one foot is a bit too small.
so you shelve them, delightedly discover them six months later, wear them, tragically remember why you shelved them in the first place after the throbbing starts again, and the whole process continues like a shoe version of “50 first dates” with drew barrymore. (the role of adam sandler is played by the shoes.)

good news. you can fix them in five easy steps.
(disclaimer 1: this only works with genuine leather shoes.)
(disclaimer 2: this should be your LAST recourse.)

1. put on a really thick, fluffy winter sock.
2. stuff your socked foot in the undersized shoe. 
3. walk around for 3-5 mins. (yes, it will hurt. but 2 mins of pain for a lifetime of shoe comfort? priceless)
4. grab a hair dryer (high heat) and methodically blow hot air on the portion of the shoe you are hoping to stretch out—usually the front. (don't do this longer than 2-3 mins. you want the heat to slightly soften the leather so your shoe expands around your socked foot when the leather dries. not ruin your shoe.)
5. sit with your foot elevated (still in the shoe) for about 5-10 more minutes.

voila. when you take it off the shoe should be more roomy.

image source | omelle shoes


stepping out | how to wear oxfords

image source | blushing ambition

the quirky little answer to everyone's boat shoes and lily pulitzer dresses this spring? oxfords.

growing up in england meant oxfords (or brogues as brits call them) were a school uniform requirement. when i was back in the states i vividly remember college friends staging an intervention and making me chuck my brogues. (lost a little part of myself in the dustbin that day.) and now ::drum roll:: they have made a comeback.

oxfords certainly aren't for everyone and can be a little intimidating to style, but ultimately they are comfortable (when the leather is worn in) and completely functional.
tips for pulling off oxfords
* oxfords are menswear-inspired. balance out their masculinity by wearing them with feminine pieces.
* if you’d like a practical pair try purchasing caramel ones. it’s a great neutral that goes with almost everything. (view image of taylor swift below for confirmation)
* oxfords look great with patterned tights, boyfriend jeans, cuffed pants, skinny ankle-length jeans, patterned dresses, and voluminous skirts. maybe shorts. (if you are quirky enough about it.)
*long legs look great with flat oxfords; ladies with shorter legs should consider a stylish oxford with a small, sexy heel.
*oxfords are not a great look for cankles. (what? sometimes the truth hurts).

here's a link to a polyvore collage of over 20 different oxfords complete with possible styling choices. (extremely helpful when brainstorming how to successfully wear oxfords). 

(don't get it twisted. these oxfords belong with her.)


sibling rivalry | leifsdottir

if urban outfitters is anthropologie’s rebellious, younger hipster sibling, then leifsdottir is its fabled, cultured sister that traveled abroad and eventually returned to the states with a sexy scandinavian husband named aleksi who only eats ligonberries. (too far? yea, took it too far.) anthro is currently promoting its sister brand and after looking at leifsdottir’s dresses it’s easy to understand why. leifsdotti features a vibrant collection of japanese and indian inspired prints with artful draping and impeccable european tailoring.
one thing these sisters have in common? steep pricing. sigh. (blame the gene pool.)

above: gilded garden dress (328)




closet building blocks | how to wear stripes

i stomped my foot like a petulant child when I discovered last year that stripes were in. mainly b/c i’ve always had a wildly passionate love affair with horizontal stripes and the idea that the fashion community would suddenly elevate stripes to the highest level possible and then a season later cast them aside for some other “of the moment” pattern like frogs-eating-cross-bows or exploding firecrackers broke my nautical heart. 

and then I realized: i don’t own the rights to horizontal lines (even though i own 9 striped shirts); I need to get over it and become an ambassador to the world on how to wear them properly. hence this post.

corinne bailey rae paints a lovely parisian atmosphere with stripes in the picture above.
the perfect tank dress (paired with gladiators) for running errands. (35)

the dace martin dress breaks your heart doesn’t it? perfect for a spring/summer wedding. (96)

modcloth summer share dress. throw on flat caramel boots + a leather jacket and its the perfect dress for a show. (47.99)

grrrr! can't grab the image.
*** go here to see this ruffled nautical theory dress. it would be stunning with a gold braided belt. wonderful for sunday brunch. or a bridal shower.

boat neck striped dress. this screams "city nights!" (ignore the shoes in this picture). (294)
it would look wicked with these L.A.M.B booties.

(close up of the swoopy asymmetrical shoulder bow!)


wardrobe forecast | dotty

i don't really have a sugary aesthetic but this springy polka dot dress on {bits of beauty} and this connect four reina dress caught my interest. 

possibly because alexa chung and that gossip girl (what's her name? what's her name?) changed my mind about the overly-sweetness of polka dots with their leather and knit polk dot ensembles below.

onyx feather

source |connect four reina dress sold by kate spade | polka dot dress sold by vintage petals

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