campaign love | j. crew

have you seen the latest j. crew fall campaign images yet? no? well don't look. don't look at the olive trench coats, the breath-taking emerald lace skirts, the versatile plaid shirts, the streamlined champagne silk skirts, the mint sequined blouses, or the chartreuse socks. don't look!

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step it up | paris fashion week shoes

while perusing photoblogger tommy ton's paris fashion week photos couldn't help but aggregate some of my favorite shoe images. aren't the nude and black ones (paired with the lace dress) radical?


print travels | vogue magazine on a budget?

after years of resistance to budget features vogue just released their "100  under 100” guide. smart move. consumers want to look in their pages and see affordable products mixed in with unattainable $5,000 patent leather handbags and $2,000 mini dresses. the list features a few surprises: multiple items from jc penny, a purse from forever 21, etc. but along with mass market staples are some pleasant surprises: a rachel roy scarf ($34), $16 MOR hand-wrapped triple milled soap (above), and givenchy vintage silver eyeshadow ($29).  check out the guide.
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treasure chest | ca & lou

this piece was created by milan-based label ca & lou. it's gold-dipped bronze complemented with swarovski crystals (retail $565). decadent right?

been tinkering around with swarovski crystals lately. they are so incredibly ::radiant::
expect to see them pop up in the next onyx feather collection...

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press | {wit + delight }

had the pleasure of waking up to a feature on {wit + delight}. it's such an innovative design blog with ::incredible:: vision and it's wonderful to have invisible children spotlighted and such an honor for onyx feather to be included on its pages. check out the blog.


loving | rue magazine

when domino magazine folded, a little part of my accessible-design heart did as well. however, after looking through the new online shelter magazine “rue” all my ventricles are beginning  to pump again. loving the black and gold DIY room created with the wallpaper brand mentioned here. reminds me of the onyx feather cairo colors.  and the modern cobalt telephone in the “man in the blue blazer” spread? brilliant. the search is on for one.

 all images | via rue


treaure chest | fenton/fallon for j. crew

usually not into mass-market jewelry but these are wicked right? they're created from hand-set czech glass crystals and they retail for $125. check out the rest of the collection here.


onyx feather e-boutique | shop updates

updated the shop today with pieces from cyprus and paris. enjoy.

                                                         image | m.moore for onyx feather


food styling | brussel sprouts roasted in truffle oil

decided to tackle brussel sprouts last weekend.  my secret weapon? truffle oil. with just a few drops of truffle oil goodness any mediocre recipe can be transformed into foodie-euphoria. (truffle oil is the movie equivalent of that healing potion in narnia/lord of the rings/harry potter--basically any weird good vs. evil fantasy film--that the hero pours on a wound and suddenly it's healed and 5x better than it was before.)
cut off the ends of the sprouts and halve them.  blanch them in boiling watering and rinse in cold water. add a bit of good olive oil, sea salt—more than usual because brussel sprouts absorb itfresh black pepper, a dash of red pepper flakes, and a tablespoon of truffle oil. toss around in a cast iron pan and then roast in the oven for 30-45 mins at 400 degrees until dark brown and crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. bon appétit.
the image above is from simply recipes great food blog to check out for people who love simple but creative recipes.

substance + style | invisible children

"credit isn't the point. change is. | seth godin

i'm frequently asked why onyx feather supports invisible children. the short answer: they are brilliant storytellers, who not only innovatively disperse a message we need to hear, but also lead by example by taking the first steps to make a difference. it’s explained in detail on the about and mission pages of the onyx feather website.

proceeds from each piece of jewelry sold go to the legacy scholarship fund; this provides a full-ride, merit-based scholarship and mentoring for each student that goes through the program. for detailed information on this program i recommend checking out the ic legacy scholarship fund page.

here are the statistics of children currently supported by this program:
45% of students are girls; 55% are boys
• 91% of students are orphans

• 26.1% of students are orphans because of HIV/AIDS
• 23.9% of students are orphans due to war
• 5.5% of students are members of child-headed families
• 4.3% of students are child mothers
• 13.7% of students have been abducted by the LRA at least once

makes you think right?

                                                                                 image | invisible children


how to | remix your place

dc residents can often empathize with new yorkers and the unfortunate lack of living space available (maybe not as badly, but we get it). however, our lack of space shouldn’t determine how we choose to utilize our personal space. i came across a feature in page six about barbara bisoni and her expansive, chic loft on manhattan’s lower east side (she obviously wouldn’t know anything about our suffering).

although the article is about bisoni transitioning her place to a tranquil retreat, i was instantly drawn to this article because of the eclectic imagery—graffiti, vintage pieces, juxtaposition of colors, the list goes on. she has a stark white bedroom accented with some of her grandmother’s favorite things (hello, vintage), old family photos, and art books. even though most of us don’t have as much living space as bisoni, the key is to find ways to mix the old with the new. the benefit of remixing? it’s unique to you and only you. enjoy it. —j.woodson

                                                image | page six

notes on a style non-conformist | inna modja

while planning the cairo shoot in the spring we used this as one of the shoot inspiration images. fast-forward to september and i finally found out the face behind the image : inna modja. she’s a stylish malian-born singer that’s taking france by storm. listen.

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mix n' match | fall dresses

another exceptional dress from the sunday brunch dress shop. top 3 admirable things about the aztec dress: the voluminous neckline, the strong print, and the lack of sleeves. the lack of sleeves makes it seasonally versatile—and a bit more bohemian. in the winter you can layer with something long-sleeved underneath or over it. i paired it with cognac over-knee boots (from aldo) below to give it that welcome-to-fall vibe.

blog travels | danielle

 love this sartorialist shot of danielle and h. danielle was one of the models for the paris onyx feather shoot. it’s brilliant how he captures them in their element—casually put together without even trying.


label love | monique lhuillier

the prediction of red—traditionally an accent color best applied in small doses—as an “it” color for fall/winter seemed terrifying. until this:
 looks stunning with a metallic accent dosen't it?

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label love | bcbg, ports 1961, and ruffian

only mid-way through new york fashion week and I’m already blown away by the s/s 2011 collections. free-flowing with nudes/blushes, subtle prints and color-blocking? yes, yes, and yes! I love that designers are going for easy and effortless, yet sophisticated. looking forward to seeing what else is in store for the remainder of nyfw. below are some favorites (bcbg, ports 1961 and ruffian), paired with onyx feather statement pieces. what are some of your favorite nyfw collections thus far? – j. woodson


mix n' match | fall weddings

early fall weddings. simply treacherous to style right? you can't wear coral and look like summer, but the leaves haven't turned yet so you can't wear tights and look like halloween. here are three early-fall wedding options--with shoes added-- just throw on a cardigan or blazer.

classic (with a twist).  A textured gold lame and brocade dress (mod cloth, $107) , with a patterned nude clutch (alexander mcqueen knuckle duster box clutch.) and blue elephant  heels by omelle.

modern. the vibrant color spectrum and soft draping of this dress (anthropologie) contrast with the architectural heels of these jeffery campbell pumps (on sale for $99). The result: a polished artsy look.

edgy. the volumunious sleeves of this dress (mod cloth) paired with via manzoni booties (anthropologie) make this an instant winner. go full throttle by skipping the cardigan and opting for a leather jacket instead.

onyx feather press | lanalou style

the lovely lana from lanalou style did a feature on onyx feather. she did such a brilliant job collaging the images from each line. since i'm a lanalou style addict this is such an honor. check out the feature here.


treasure chest | silva/bradshaw

a ring combination created from metal and nylon layers? sold. peruse more silva/bradshaw pieces here.

   images | silva/bradshaw


label love | jason wu

the jason wu spring '11 collection. where to begin? the bows? the light fabrics? the shorts with blazers?
it's all so brilliant...

so brilliant...

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great expectations | e-boutique launch!

 the e-boutique is finally open. i know. i know. 6 missed deadlines later right? browse the cairo, paris, and cyprus collections!

                                                          image | e. barenbregge


great expectations | website launch

     the website is live.  finally. sort of feel like a mother in a delivery room bed and instead of looking at my child i’m staring intently at a new-born flash-web site. the e-boutique launches september 8. in the meantime, peruse the collections.

(can sloooooooooooooowly feel my muchness coming back)

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