onyx feather events | garden party

we just threw a garden party to celebrate a fun year for onyx feather. it started out a little hectic  (note to self: you cannot whip together a whole tray of proscuitto, goat cheese and peach bauguettes drizzled with olive oil in ten minutes no matter how hard you try unless you are martha stwart), but my amazing girlfriends and interns made it come together! we have lots of images and video footage of the event i can't wait to share. in the meantime here is the invite and check out andrea's coverage and images of the event on the fly blog; she and april looked lovely. thanks to everyone that came and made this event a success! i appreciate you all!


r&r | new york

my family just moved to ithaca, new york so last weekend i went to visit them. to my surprise they've shed their city ways and decided to build a lake house. (this is shocking because my family has never been a big fan of large bodies of water. once when we were at the beach, my aunt decided it was too dangerous to play in the ocean because large bodies of water are evil and sweep you away. her solution: the whole family stood in one long line, held hands and carefully waded into the water and let the tiny waves dance around our feet. i'm pretty sure we looked like a cult.) here are some views of one of the lots they are considering. hoping this one is the winner--it's so serene.


onyx update | custom wedding orders

it’s wedding season which means long (but fun) deadlines for me. here are images of a july custom order piece i created for a  lovely bride. she wanted a traditional necklace remixed with vintage and non-traditional elements to complement her french lace gown. the result: a piece that mixes three types of vintage (the jeweled pavé  clasp, silver-plated marcasite connectors and pavé  links) with traditional materials like swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. it was such a fun piece to work on and very sparkly and commanding in person. she also wanted jeweled earrings for her bridesmaids to match their navy, silk bhldn dresses. here’s a sneak peak of one of the earrings below. it’s a mix of vintage maracasite (to complement the bride’s maracasite), brilliant tanzanite stones, swarovski crystals and silver-plated connectors.  in customary onyx feather style all bridal necklaces and custom orders come packaged in an antique cigar box. i will post images from the wedding when the photographer gets them up. right now i’m working on a necklace for a non-traditional bride (buckets of fun!); i will share those after her wedding!



diy | rolling nordic hills dinner decor

j from boundary line just did a diy post on how to create a simple, nordic-inspired table runner for a dinner party. it’s inspired by the surprise onyx feather city collection themed dinner party the girls threw for me a few weeks ago. they really nailed translating the lookbook into nordic-inspired dinner décor--using moss is brilliant. i also love this flickr image of the icelandic hillside that inspired the johanna necklace. check out the diy details here.

images | dinner decor-ginervitis_ | rolling hillside- ornello  | johanna necklace - arthur moeller for onyx feather

parisian glamour | marion cottilard

the styling is impeccable. the small scale mixed prints, the way the vintage christian dior dress accentuates her tiny waist and derriere, the bright pops of vivacious red and the tiny, emerald-hued ring. this is parisian glamour at its best.  image | vogue & coffee


model crush | joan smalls

love her work. modeling despite her scoliosis only makes me appreciate her hustle even more. via moment blog.

onyx feather | city-inspired dinner party

a few weeks ago my tribe surprised me with a dinner party to celebrate the “best of dc” washingtonian mention. the theme was onyx feather and every course was from a different city collection. i’m so blessed to have such a creative, thoughtful group of friends; i treasure them like the hope diamond.  even the table décor reflected the rolling hills of iceland. here are a few pictures from the dinner party courtesy of emily. haley made tangerine-ginger caipirnhas (a nod to our rio collection)—they were so fresh and delicious. here’s a link to her boundary line guest  recipe post on how to make them. you can skip the rum and just use ginger ale instead to make them liquor free as well. yum!

                                                       images via emily b  | drink via getty
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