sneak peak | bridal party orders

knocking out multiple wedding orders this week. here’s a sneak peak of a bridesmaid collection i’m working on—i love the colors.  it’s a mix of clarit czech glass, vintage gold-fluted lucite, apollo czech glass, etc. i love when i get to work with unique stones and colors. i’ll post full images with detail shots after the wedding!

social change soulmates

i have a friend named johanna who is an extraordinary person and has accomplished some extraordinary things in less than 30 years that would take most people a lifetime to achieve. like recieving the bill and melinda gates foundation public service law school scholarship, becoming a comissioner to the city of seattle, working with the united nations in different capacities, etc.  it's hard to keep up with her. (sometimes i just make up weird titles for her because i can't keep up with her current ones. "special attache to the blah blah blah united nations water and sanitation project"? i mean how do you even fit that on a business card?) the best part is everything she does is driven by her compassion, conviction and her calling to help the people that need it most. it's such a privledge to watch her continue to sacrifice for others and it is so inspiring. she wrote the sweetest note to me here and it means the world because i always feel like i'm not doing enough to change all the awful things that happen in world on a daily basis. thanks jo. love you lots my hawaiian social-change-fireball-soulmate! she has an awesome, thought-provoking blog, check it out here.


onyx feather press | lanalou style

thanks to lana from lanalou style for the lookbook feature. love, love the new format of her blog! click here to check it out.

foodie travels | s'meaches

i'd been craving s'mores until i saw this amazing summer recipe for s'meaches. eastern market peaches are amazingly ripe and sweet. it only stands to reason an eastern market s'meach would be mind bloooooooooooooooooowing. this calls for a dinner party. via sho and tell and kitchy kitchen


onyx feather press clips | best of washington, dc

onyx feather is named one of the best local jewelry lines in dc by washingtonian magazine in their "best of dc" july issue out on newsstands right now! thanks so much to the editors of washingtonian for recognizing emerging designers! this is such a milestone moment for the line. it started as a little dream to merge creativity with an initiative to protect children that are victims of hunger and trafficking and slowly it has grown and gained traction. there have definitely been some failures and tough learning experiences along the way (owning a jewelry line part-time is hard) but the successes have outweighed them. through this business i’ve been blessed to meet so many creative, like-minded people. a huge thank you to my mom, tegan hare, jennifer wilsie, johanna gusman, jessica woodson, lauren frank, emily barenbregge, melia moore, joan kim, ashley truxon, and everyone else (you know who you are) that have supported the line from the very beginning.

below is a throwback image from the first shoot where we had no idea what we were doing! (like seriously no idea at all. we ended up trying to do a jewelry shoot in a graveyard during twilight... yea....we’ve come a long way...i think?)

and here is an image of ::shiny eyed:: tegan forcing the poor check-out clerk to look at the article like a mom with a kid on the honor roll. (we were in safeway when we stumbled across the magazine.) she's hilarious.


updates | meeting the first lady + refinery 29 feature

i have been a really bad blogger lately. but i'm popping back into the blogging world with two quick updates 1. our new summer lookbook was featured on refinery 29! (so excited, thanks guys!) and 2: i met the first lady. she's a blast. i've got the full, off-beat account written up here on the boundary line blog i contribute to. have a great weekend! image via the AP


our summer lookbook launch | reykjavik, iceland

i've been off the blog radar for a while working on our new summer reykjavik collection. iceland is such a beautiful country filled with magnificent glaciers, lush rolling hillsides, breathtaking black sand beaches and enticing geothermal pools. i wanted the new collection to reflect all these attributes; here are some of the vibrant images that inspired the line. the materials for this collection: icy blue agates, crackling white quartz, neon swarovski crystals, repurposed palm wood, as well as silver accents and geometric shapes. it's such a fun, off-beat summer line. click here to  explore the lookbook. thanks to everyone who helped put the shoot together--morningside park was an awesome place to shoot! and special thanks to arthur moeller our awesome and super quirky photographer.

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