color wheel | olive and chocolate brown

sienna looks wicked.

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treasure chest | made

talha earrings by made. price: 35 pounds. (50 dollars). love their back story: "All made products are designed by influential designers, then sourced and created within disadvantaged communities across East Africa." 

really appreciate their "trade not aid" philosophy.

shop it to me | anthropologie

there's so much to be said about this dress. it's stunning. the neckline has the perfect amount of volume (its also adjustable so you can open it up to showcase a necklace underneath), the material breathes, the color works as a neutral... (imagine this dress with mint green gladiators...or caramel wedges.. the possibilities are endless). and $98? pretty good for anthropologie.


how to | wear high-waisted shorts without looking like humpty dumpty

tips and tricks
*average/long legs are helpful but not completely necessary. 
*high-waisted shorts with a cuff minimize heftier thighs. 
*heels. heels. heels. (wedges, gladiators, pumps…as long as there is a heel to elongate the leg!) 
*juxtapose them with a fitted shirt. (no baggy, or awkward-fitting shirts.) 
*don’t do them in denim. (please!) only seen it done successfully once and she was part human, part android.

below are some sample high-waisted shorts combinations from polyvore for creative inspiration.

blog travels | contemporary vintage bikes

been obsessed with antique bikes since the onyx feather paris line photoshoot. the main concept behind the onyx feather line is mixing unique, vintage pieces with sleek modern pieces. the result: every necklace is an unusual piece of art that unifies the past and the present.

it's cool to see this concept reflected in other mediums and businesses like bertelli, an endearing new york-based bicilette assemblate. to create customized bicycles the owner combines new bike parts with vintage parts he finds at bike shops, flea markets and suppliers. the bikes are wicked. in the words of a friend: the images of them made him chirp like a school girl.

off to nyc for a long weekend. hope to return with unconventional ideas, new pictures, and a trunk full of more inspiring vintage pieces in time for the launch!

images |  bertelli


blog travels | convertible cover ups

stumbled upon the princess tam tam swim collection while browsing through dress, design & decor and fell in love with the beach cover-up featured above. nothing about it said beach cover up. everything about it said "i can also function as a funky halter dress." so after stumbling through all the french on their website (very rusty on the french these days) an attempt was made to purchase it. until i realized: it wasn't even a dress. it's just a rectangle of extremely light-weight patterned 100% cotton and some clever stylist whipped it up into a halter dress.

{light bulb goes off!}

{followed by footsteps as i run to the fabric store}


how to | clean silver jewelry

1. gently remove any dust from the silver. (dust can scratch the surface of the silver. use a jewelry cloth or a piece of one hundred percent cotton.)
2. if you are dealing with tarnished silver use a silver dip. this is the easiest way to clean tricky pieces of silver like chains. note: don't dip any precious or semi-precious stones in silver dip. this will damage the stones.
3. for jewelry with gemstones create a solution of mild detergent and warm water. gently buff small sections of the jewelry but work around the gemstone. rinse and then dry the piece of silver. repeat as much as necessary.
4. to clean more intricate, complex jewelry use a good quality silver cleaning paste.

shop it to me | dottie

stunning right? one hundred percent cotton and only $40!

source | ruche


color wheel | coral + black and gold

found some stunning coral dresses on heidi merricks site. coral is a brilliant (literally and figuratively) summer color. tip: if you aren't particularly preppy or girly, paring coral with black and gold accessories makes your final look more edgy, and less nantucket-y.


label love | sessùn

sessùn. love them. the styling in their spring/summer collection: wicked. (inhaled their entire catalog this morning like an addict). they achieve that perfect: "oh i look really funky + eclectic + chic in my summer clothes and i didn't even try," look that every girl secretly wants, spends  time trying to make happen, but very few achieve. check out more sessùn looks below.


hit it out of the ballpark | textiles + muted colors

the colors, the fabrics, the bow on the oversized clutch…all so fly. who else but Chi-Young Bang could make daytime sequins look appropriate?

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fast fixes | creative ways to store jewelry

been stumped regarding how to hang all the onyx feather jewelry from each collection. that is until i wandered across the image featured above. thanks blog world. check out this apt therapy slideshow with other creative jewelry storage ideas.


blog travels | bikes + funky bookstores

might be a stretch to pull funky european store fronts and bikes into a style blog? actually maybe not. the bookstore and pizzeria photographed here are quintessentially chic.

sources | bookstore | pizzeriabike


treasure chest | dannijo

always got an eye on the dannijo shop. their jewelry is wonderfully eclectic. and has the perfect amount of indie chic rocker appeal. each piece could go from an evening out in the city to a pencil skirt and peeking out of a collared shirt the next day. the zula and griffin (pictured below) are ::wicked::  the only con: prices are so steep they give might give you a nose bleed.
  zula | 595
ora | 420

pictured above: griffin | 745
 via: shiny squirrel


treasure chest | vera wang necklaces

playful right?

  check out more here. and here.

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