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i am "hail mary christmas present" girl. it's the last quarter (december), third down (night before christmas), and i'm always still christmas shopping. have you ever shopped on christmas eve? it's wild. shelves are barren, workers are cowering in deserted backrooms to hide from customers, and barbarian shoppers are just grabbing everything in sight--including structural pieces.

boy: "but mommy, i don't think grandma wants a miley cyrus "can't be tamed" special edition hairdryer?"
crazed mother: "what do you want from me tommy?! they are out of crystal knitting needles!"

so this year i'm blogging gift ideas so i can stay ahead of the game and avoid the whole barbarian consumerism scene. the wool/felt/leather combination on this iphone/ipod case by byrd and belle for $26? ding, ding, ding!

                                                             via | byrd and belle

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  1. this is genius. my love for felt and ipods combined! amazing!


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