light bulb | david damberger’s TED talk

here is an inspired TED talk by david damberger titled: “what happens when an ngo admits failure.” it's a battle cry for nonprofits and ngos to start publicly taking responsibility for their mismanagement failures in order to help the development industry succeed across the board.  it points out how the dominant trend in development is to set an agenda based on what donors want instead of the actual need of the communities they serve.  damberger also discusses the need for development to be sustainable—focused on software instead of just hardware—and he give examples of the past failures of his organization engineers without borders.  if you are passionate about seeing positive change and you work in the development field or donate time and resources to a development organization this is an important talk to listen to. donors have the power.

i stand behind this issue because i believe in order for the development industry to succeed, it must work together. listen to the TED talk here.

here is the development sounding board for admitting failures so that other ngos can avoid the same mistakes:

“all my successes have been built on my failures.” – benjamin disraeli

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press | washington post shopping guide

onyx feather is featured in the washington post dc scout shopping guide today! to thank everyone for their support this year we’re collaborating with the shopping guide to give a discount on our swarovski + vintage club membership and all jewelry from our holiday gift guide! use dc scout exclusive online code "SPARKLE" until jan 1. thanks to haley russell--couldn't happen without you.


all ears | onyx feather earrings

just added the ain earrings from our cairo collection into the e-boutique. they.are.wicked. you can never go wrong with vintage oxidized brass and ebony swarovski crystal balls. buy here.

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onyx feather files | swarovski + vintage jewelry club

my favorite part of our holiday gift guide this year is membership to the onyx feather swarovski + vintage jewelry club. such a unique, quirky gift for a person that loves vintage, jewels and surprises! find out more information here.


blog travels | wit + delight

i've always loved wit + delight. it's such an outlier design blog and it never feels boring or homogenous. lately i've especially loved kate's mixtape series. it's a series of playlists for everything from getting dressed in the morning (here) to shorter winter days and longer nights (here). she just released a holiday mixtape (here). who knew the weepies did christmas songs?

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onyx feather files | dc this week

big thanks to jade for putting onyx feather in the "on my radar" section of her site. dc area people check out her blog "dc this week" here;  it's a great go-to for all district events.

blog travels | red lipstick

came across this tutorial for red lipstick. it pairs skin tones with the appropriate shades of red. brilliant. i'm always nervous to do a bold lip, but it usually works out well when i do. considering it as well? explore it here.

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onyx feather files | marcellete

our marcellete necklace from the paris collection. clear nuggets of rock crystal and goldtone filigree connectors punctuated with assorted textured, rhinestone-studded balls. happy friday!

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paper trails | anthology gift guide

just saw the anthology magazine winter gift guide. it's excellent. it features everything from creative gift guides to an embedded video on how to make mulled cranberry cider. (courtesy of tiger in a jar. yum). check it out here. great work anthology team!

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