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the state of the union address happened earlier this week and i forgot to watch it this year. in washington, dc the state of the union is treated like the political superbowl. people have parties for this. (like serious parties. with fancy five layer dips. or flags in cocktails glasses. that sort of thing.) if you are a washingtonian you don't just forget to watch it. but here's my excuse: i was finishing up this decadent number from the paris collection. it’s plum swarovski crystals, gold czech glass, vintage brass bars and a stunning art nouveau style clasp. more info here.  after a string of tribal cairo pieces with spikes and such, it was fun to switch to romantic mode with this one.



press | washingtonian magazine

i usually like to stay behind the scenes when it comes to onyx feather press but i realized that would be impossible when washingtonian  magazine wanted to do an interview about the line and take pictures of my workspace. (i guess a blurred face would be normal on an episode of “cops” but a little awkward in an image accompanying a “meet the designer article.” ) thanks to laura and kelci from washingtonian for a fun, painless interview.  it’s always a celebration when invisible children is spotlighted and the line gets a shout out. and thanks to frank, stacy and tegan for always supporting me even in the tough and unsexy moments—like when we’re dragging heavy items or driving across town to find storage for the tiniest of beads. =)  there wouldn’t be a line without you three. here’s the link to the article:click.

                                           via | kelci house (washingtonian magazine)


site travels | chocolate slaves

how many slaves do you have working for you? i'm sad to say i have 65. slavery footprint is a well-designed, user-intuitive site that calculates this for you. i took the footprint test after watching a cnn freedom project piece about how the chocolate industry is heavily supported by child slavery--it's not just blood diamonds anymore. watch or read about it here. these are kids who haven't even tasted chocolate before; it's heart breaking. be an informed consumer, take the test and learn more about the origin of your products:

web site travels | office prop styling

really appreciate the prop styling that went into this  coveteur image of aliza licht's office. especially the complimentary essie reds and the ibm shout out. (watch out apple, the others are rising. sort of. ok, fine. they aren't. yet. but they will be. maybe?)  speaking of offices, the onyx feather one was photographed yesterday—very fun. can’t wait until the article comes out and i can share it.

                                                           via | coveteur


wild thing! | fallon labyrinth maze cuff

i’ve fallen pretty hard for this. what can i say? we met on the internet. some would say it’s a little dangerous—i would have to agree. yea, there’d be some precarious moments—but i don’t think we’d ever break up. and besides…what’s life without a little risk involved? 
more killer—literally—accessories from fallon jewelry that will make you fall in love. (click

(and the ring below screams: "PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE!" when you're riding the crowded metro. the perfect city commuter accessory.)

                                                                  via | fallon


onyx feather files | swarovski & gold

our swarovski and gold necklaces are sold out like barbeque chicken wings during the super bowl. the good news: i’m updating the shop next week with a deep plum sparkling swarovski and gold one! (and perhaps a silver one for all the gold-haters out there.)  i'm thinking of switching things up a little—and staying true to the onyx feather clasp manifesto—by adding vintage clasps to the swarovski necklaces. if you were rachel zoe this is the point where you'd clasp your hands, adjust your jeweled baby in the crook of your arms and scream: “b-a-n-a-n-a-s! i die!” 

                                                  via | haley russell for onyx feather


press | refinery 29

onyx feather was featured in the “we heart dc” refinery 29 article today. i'm honored and excited about this—what an exciting way to kick off a new year. thanks to holly thomas for the feature!
go. make something happen.”

this simple quote by marketing guru seth godin has become my motto for the new year.  so i'm embracing change and making things happen instead of just talking about them.  can’t wait to unveil upcoming 2012 projects and changes as they develop. happy new year!
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