onyx feather | press clips

images of the washingtonian spread we were featured in. (top far left "ze" and top far right "redentor." both from the rio line.)  so happy it's the weekend!

                                                         via | washingtonian


onyx feather | design mode

getting back into design mode. when fall/winter seeps in the lust for creating more ornate, decadent and ::shiny:: pieces circulates through me. particularly for the russia, paris and cairo lines. maybe to counteract the dreariness of the weather? or maybe because it's fun to add a touch of unique sparkle to every girl's holiday party?

i recently picked up these raw brass pieces. thinking of juxtaposing then with some raw black diamonds for a slammin' cairo party piece. and i found some champagne czech glass cathedral beads. (heart skips a beat.) the tops and ends of each stone are speckled with picasso topaz. they look really holy--you feel like you should venerate them. insane? yes. completely mental.  cannot wait to work them into an extraordinary st.petersburg necklace.

                                                                  image | diver


a memo to all the people that think they are crazy enough to change the world

found this on the blog of a best friend who pushed me to start onyx feather. she always inspires me. especially in the moments where things seem so difficult that giving up seems like an option.

treasure chest | missoni earrings

wasn't that caught up with the missoni for target merger. am impressed with these though. the mismatch completes their perfection. 

                                                                  via | net-a-porter


reeling in | fishbone earrings

mad about these oxidized sterling silver fishbone earrings by sarah swell.
the bullet stud ones below? dangerous.

                                                              via | sarah swell


texture | dannijo bracelets

 you can customize the colors too. what's not to love?

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blog travels | dolce & gabbana brownies

brownies with hazelnut butter & layered with chocolate lace. (created for dolce and gabbana's magazine swide.) mind blowing. recipe here.

                                           via | here and here


closet building blocks | sweaters

i hate sweaters. i think of them as a necessary evil. it's hard to look streamlined and chic in a sweater. usually you end up looking bulky. occasionally even lumpy. and it's hard to wear jewelry with them. this image makes the sweater look palatable though. love the juxtaposition of the sparkly, jeweled skirt with the practical cable knit.

                                                                via | zara
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