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love valet mag. in a really intensely passionate way.  as much as a woman can love a men’s online magazine. why is valet mag so great?   it’s the ultimate site for men about every etiquette or personal grooming question they might have and everything about it—from the design to the contentis exceptionally sleek.   their handbook section is the holy grail of situational resources. in quick succinct delivery it tells a guy everything he needs to know: how to get that perfect two-day scruff, how to detail your car in 15 mins, how to take care of your ties, how to open a drink without a bottle opener, the right percentages for tipping different vendors, how to choose the right grill, or buy the right flowers, how to get a bartenders attention or my personal favorite:  a review on the validity of men's lip balm.  check it out.    
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