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isn't this synecdoche business card fun?

spent the day looking at different options for our onyx feather business cards with the team. putting twelve different options in front of a group of diverse people is always a roller coaster ride.

me: "do we use or"
mm: "hmm. inquires is elegant, hello is accessible."
me (puzzled): "do i want to be elegant or accessible? or is elegance accessible?"
frank (emphatically): "never decide. you want to be both."
me: "the card can't have both."
mm: "what would DVF do?"
emily: "ahahaha yes. that is the question."
me: "elegance. the woman drips of elegance. diane von furstenberg would never say: "hello.""
tegs: "you've got your answer then."

can't wait to see and share the finals!


  1. I'm actually about to have new cards designed too - When I'm being indecisive, I'm going to have to use the WWDVF do test. Thanks! :)


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