blog travels | grecian inspired images

one of the onyx feather lines is named after and inspired by cyprus, which means i'm always on the look out for grecian inspiration. its got to annoy everyone around me. even been eating greek food all week--yea, that bad.

i admire the movement captured in this photograph. if the word "fierce" wasn't so over-used, trampled, and beaten down by everyone in the fashion industry i'd use it to describe this shot. view the entire slideshow here.

photographer | mark. m gong


all ears | ludicrous style quotes

it sounds crazy to say this, I know, but our pants are a steal, mr. sternberg said.
-scott sternberg referring to cotton gabardine khakis from his band of outsiders label that cost $550.

not buying it sternberg. (literally or figuratively.)

                                      image | greg broom, details
                                     source | 'new york times' style section
                                      article | 'why does this pair of pants cost $550?'


romp around | how to wear a romper without looking like a toddler

there's a thin line between romper and adult-onsie. alarmingly thin. if you fall on the wrong side of  it there's a chance someone might snatch you, plug a pacifier in your mouth, and dump you in the nearest playpen. the difficult truth about rompers: they don't kook great on everyone. if a romper doesn't work for you, don't dwell on it. move on to another more complimentary trend. if you can't get over it and insist on wearing one badly then don't get mad if you end up in the aforementioned pacifier-onsie-snatch situation. (you were warned.)

romping tips:
1. best body type for a romper = slim or petite, long legs and not a lot of junk-in-the trunk. (there are exceptions to every rule so if you think you can work a romper without these restrictions go for it.)
2. shoes: daytime:  flat sandals or gladiators. evenings: heels or wedges kick it up a notch.
3. purse: an over-sized clutch.
4. jewelry: keep it minimal. perhaps a cuff, or a pair of large earrings, or a statement ring. don't over-accessorize. let the romper do its thing.
5. for romping reference purposes there is a picture of rihanna red carpet romping below. what can one say? good girl gone bad knows how to romp.

red lou lou romper |  stevenalan


closet building blocks | what's in YOUR closet?

a closet can tell you a lot about a person’s style and personality.

do they take risks? shop in one place? are they scared of color? do their clothes fit properly? are they preppy? bohemian? scared of attention? a brand snob with no imagination? messy? anal? always in a hurry? do they like accessories? are they creative? practical? classic? overly-trendy? a pack rat? well-traveled? do they over-by? (a sign of an over-buyer: clusters of unworn clothing with price tags still on.) a minimalist? stuck in a certain time period? etc......

i like assessing people’s closets before i help them do a style overhaul--it's an essential first step. 
admittedly it’s also my version of peeking through the pages of their diary.

image source | fashion toast

blog travels | brunch ideas

time to host another brunch?


blog travels | hair pieces

love, love, love hair pieces. and has some intensley funky hair pieces. some are a wee bit theatrical. but the world is your stage right?

source |


shop it to me | dolly pearl

the dolly pearl site blew me away. the materials... the construction...the originality.... the clothes speak for themselves. they are like works of art.


strongman sold separately | brooklyn circus

there is something about brooklyn circus. perhaps its the way they've redefined men's style and unconventionally branded their line. it's part functional, part creative, part lifestyle (is that too many parts? never was good at fractions.) hyped to stop by when in new york next month. after some adversity glad their san francisco shop is up and running again. more images from their blog and lookbook:

source | brooklyn circus


blog travels | dc runway style

the readysetDC runway show went under my radar !ugh! not to worry though. president wears prada has all the details. [how brilliant & perfectly summery is this yellow plaid dress? boundless range. depending on the styling it could go from weddings to farmers markets.]
yes to the sheer black shirt and kelly green belt slung boho-height.
[very appropriate with skinny jeans for a music festival.]

TPWP all access.

 love rooftops. so, so much. 

source | president wears prada


how to | conquer the smell of vintage

finding the perfect vintage piece is always a moment of shopping triumph. but sometimes this triumph is tempered by the horrid smell of musk-nastiness. here are three ways to clean vintage clothes and get rid of that pesky smell (uck):

1the vinegar solution
add a few cups of distilled white vinegar in the hot water of the washing machine. throw in the clothing.
(vinegar fights musk and mold.)

2the charcoal solution
1. wash the clothes with  detergent + a cup of baking soda
2. hang the clothes outside to dry and air out. 
3. place a cloth bag full of activated charcoal in a plastic tub. put the clothing into the tub with the charcoal, close the lid and leave overnight. hang the clothing up to dry. 
4. rub the clothing gently with a scented dryer sheet, or spray with a fabric deodorizer.

3the liquor store solution
(straight from valet)
"all you have to do is mix one part vodka with two parts water in a spray bottle," says janie bryant, the costume designer for mad men. "it works every time—that's the power of vodka for you."


blog travels | spring dresses

have an outdoor wedding coming up this weekend! everything about this dress says "pair me with yellow or nude heels, take me on the dance floor at the reception, twirl me around, make me do the electric slide!"

sources |  spool no. 72 | cocokelly


paris shoot inspiration | tres tres chic

 the make up and hair say it all.

more parisian-inspired fabulousness from dace.

the jewelry! those ruffles!

pop of red lipstick + stripes + leather = yes



radio silence | great expectations

slow posting this past week due to the craziness of the onyx feather photoshoot coming up this weekend. expect a blog redesign and the line to debut in a couple of weeks! will spend the week posting images from our photoshoot inspiration board. here's the first!

image credits | girl on a motorcycle


all ears | dreamy quotes

 "she turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans."

via {wit + delight}


blog travels | under the big top?

the only thing that could make this quirky ring more perfect is if it came with a bearded strongman.

shop it to me | sunday brunch

sunday brunch (a new york based boutique) features the loveliest feminine dresses. perhaps the secret to their success is that each dress they select for the boutique must meet three criteria:

1) can the dress go from day to night, brunch to drinks?
2) a good dress can be an investment, but shouldn’t require a loan.
3) like a classic novel, a classic dress can be revisited years later and be even better than before.

it’s the sort of online boutique that makes you want to tune out the madness of the city and trade your grande chai for a glass of ice cold sweet tea.

featured dress | crane dress

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