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i recently read this inc article about beauty company birchbox. basically they hand select beauty samples of high-end products and ship them to your doorstep beautifully packaged every month. it's the perfect way to try expensive products before committing to the hefty price tag. they've got everything from nars, to stila and salvatore ferragamo. a membership to birch box is the perfect christmas gift for a beauty or product junkie on your list. check out their site here.

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onyx feather files | pinterest

got a late thanksgiving surprise: i was browsing pinterest for inspiration and randomly saw a few onyx feather rio de janeiro necklaces pinned. how flattering! thanks pinners! check out the entire jewelry board here, it features beautiful pieces from a vast array of designers. i want everything! also threw in a close up shot of our ines necklace. love those african trade beads!

all the pieces from our gift guide go live on thursday! happy thanksgiving!

                                                 images | haley russell for onyx feather


just finished the holiday gift guide—so happy it’s done. it involved a lot of sweat, tears and midnight skittles. (love the citrus ones). but out of pain comes beauty and i’m excited to have over 30 pieces catalogued for your viewing pleasure. i never realized what a broad range of materials (indonesian bone, indian heishi beads, lavender lepidolite)  goes into onyx feather necklaces until i aggregated them for the guide.  it’s inspired me to scout out even crazier pieces. and thanks to my friends/buyers who always remember to find unusual pieces for the line when they are on their global travels. without them the line wouldn’t be as eclectic and each piece wouldn’t have such a unique story. thank you. and thanks to haley for giving 100 percent with the gift guide shoot. you went over and beyond the call of photographer duty. there are new pieces in each line featured and they all go live in the e-boutique on thanksgiving day. click hereto view it! (UPDATED LINK)


all ears | citrine by the stones

these gold-plated danza earrings by citrine by the stones are completely wicked. and for $175 they can be your holiday party secret weapon.

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onyx feather files | swarovski christmas

it's going to be a swarovski kind of christmas at onyx feather. i'm updating the e-boutique with about 15 diverse new pieces from the paris, russia, and cairo collections. (think champagne czech glass swirled with piccasso topaz, luxe onyx stones, indian snake chain, frosted rose quartz...) the lĂ©opoldine necklace above (paris collection) is a pewter, swarovski crystal piece studded with vintage raw brass cubes and it floats from gold-plated chain. black and champagne swarovski crystal versions of this necklace are available as well. (send an email to inquiries@onyxfeatheronline.com to preorder). all the new pieces arrive in the e-boutique on wednesday, november 23. the best part? the swarovski crystal necklaces are under $70 and 15 percent still goes to invisible children. accessible swarovski jewelry--that's the elitist cry of the people and onyx feather shall fulfill it!
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onyx feather files | behind the scenes

some images from our upcoming holiday gift guide shoot. everyone did such a great job! thanks team! it isn't an onyx shoot if the models don't change in the street (see below) and aren't swarmed by teenagers.

                                                           via |  haley russell for onyx feather


onyx feather files | it's coming

shooting the holiday gift guide this weekend. excited. can't wait to unveil some new pieces from the cairo and paris lines.


wild thing | primary new york snakeskin clutches

aren’t these clutches by primary new york wild? an unpredictable clutch to transform a little black dress during the holiday season. i would do the warm, tan snakeskin one with the gold and black ze necklace from our rio collection.  the perfect way to inject a little unconventional, tribal style into the holiday party season.  check out the primary new york site here. wicked style. love them.


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onyx feather files | our necklace clasp manifesto

one of my favorite parts of designing a necklace is selecting, designing or creating the clasp. to some people adding a clasp is just an afterthought. the sticky part of the envelope you distastefully lick when you are about to mail off your package. but to me the clasp is the artisanal waxed seal on a well-designed invitation. there are times i use an unconventionally modern clasp. or let a vintage clasp be the final antique touch on an otherwise contemporary piece. at times i pick a small, delicate clasp to play second fiddle to the necklace. it could be romantically floral. or uncompromisingly geometric. sometimes it is unapologetically crowned with swarovski crystals. or unassumingly etched with intricate filigree.

and then there are those moments i let the clasp steal the show. because the back of the neck is a part of a woman’s body that should never be an afterthought. because there is something alluring and elegant about catching a glimpse of  an exquisite clasp floating on the nape of a beautiful woman with an updo.

no matter the onyx feather collection your necklace comes from, every piece will have a graceful, strategically-designed clasp to compliment the nape of your neck.

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wild thing | pepper blaster II

city girls everywhere: pay attention! it's a whole new way to carry pepper spray. it's modern, easy to operate and performs at a delivery speed of 90 mph. extraordinary! after watching usa marathons of law and order (you know the drill: the fabulous 20/30-something girl is running in lululemon gear through a city park at 6am and gets attacked by the bodyguard of a visiting foreign dignity she met at the state department because she's pregnant with his two-headed baby.) this gadget is numero dos on the christmas list. self defense has never looked so chic. get it here.

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