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i stomped my foot like a petulant child when I discovered last year that stripes were in. mainly b/c i’ve always had a wildly passionate love affair with horizontal stripes and the idea that the fashion community would suddenly elevate stripes to the highest level possible and then a season later cast them aside for some other “of the moment” pattern like frogs-eating-cross-bows or exploding firecrackers broke my nautical heart. 

and then I realized: i don’t own the rights to horizontal lines (even though i own 9 striped shirts); I need to get over it and become an ambassador to the world on how to wear them properly. hence this post.

corinne bailey rae paints a lovely parisian atmosphere with stripes in the picture above.
the perfect tank dress (paired with gladiators) for running errands. (35)

the dace martin dress breaks your heart doesn’t it? perfect for a spring/summer wedding. (96)

modcloth summer share dress. throw on flat caramel boots + a leather jacket and its the perfect dress for a show. (47.99)

grrrr! can't grab the image.
*** go here to see this ruffled nautical theory dress. it would be stunning with a gold braided belt. wonderful for sunday brunch. or a bridal shower.

boat neck striped dress. this screams "city nights!" (ignore the shoes in this picture). (294)
it would look wicked with these L.A.M.B booties.

(close up of the swoopy asymmetrical shoulder bow!)

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  1. Hi Onyx Feather,
    Thanks for featuring our dress on your blog! We appreciate the support.
    <3 Aire


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