rule breaker | how to mix black, brown, and navy

sometimes style feels like a math equation. (do my boots + leggings + blazer = an outfit i can wear to my friend's third engagement party?) which is why we love it when magazines like lucky give us the cheat sheet.

brown, black, and navy.  for years we've been warned not to wear them together because if we did the galaxy would explode and we'd all be blown to smithereens like tattered pieces of rubber after a balloon has been popped.

but style rules are made to broken. (ex. "don't wear white shoes after labor day," or "never wear horizontal stripes, they make you look fat.") the key is: avoid looking like you accidentally wore these colors together b/c you are colorblind and live in an apartment with no sunlight (and stolen light bulbs). they must look purposefully styled. and then the outfit will make sense.

here's a very specific lucky mag slideshow explaining a formula for wearing "black, brown, and navy." all three might be a lot to start out with, so if you are just testing the waters experiment with just black and brown initially (very fun).

happy well-styled clashing!

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