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the quirky little answer to everyone's boat shoes and lily pulitzer dresses this spring? oxfords.

growing up in england meant oxfords (or brogues as brits call them) were a school uniform requirement. when i was back in the states i vividly remember college friends staging an intervention and making me chuck my brogues. (lost a little part of myself in the dustbin that day.) and now ::drum roll:: they have made a comeback.

oxfords certainly aren't for everyone and can be a little intimidating to style, but ultimately they are comfortable (when the leather is worn in) and completely functional.
tips for pulling off oxfords
* oxfords are menswear-inspired. balance out their masculinity by wearing them with feminine pieces.
* if you’d like a practical pair try purchasing caramel ones. it’s a great neutral that goes with almost everything. (view image of taylor swift below for confirmation)
* oxfords look great with patterned tights, boyfriend jeans, cuffed pants, skinny ankle-length jeans, patterned dresses, and voluminous skirts. maybe shorts. (if you are quirky enough about it.)
*long legs look great with flat oxfords; ladies with shorter legs should consider a stylish oxford with a small, sexy heel.
*oxfords are not a great look for cankles. (what? sometimes the truth hurts).

here's a link to a polyvore collage of over 20 different oxfords complete with possible styling choices. (extremely helpful when brainstorming how to successfully wear oxfords). 

(don't get it twisted. these oxfords belong with her.)

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  1. YES!!! Just bought my first pair of oxfords and had no idea what to where them with :)


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