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we've all been there. you purchase the loveliest pair of leather boots/high heels/pumps after they appear to fit perfectly. you wear them out of the house. after the first hour your foot starts to throb. the throbbing turns into pounding. pounding turns into limping. limping turns into the angry realization that you will never be able to wear these new shoes again because one foot is a bit too small.
so you shelve them, delightedly discover them six months later, wear them, tragically remember why you shelved them in the first place after the throbbing starts again, and the whole process continues like a shoe version of “50 first dates” with drew barrymore. (the role of adam sandler is played by the shoes.)

good news. you can fix them in five easy steps.
(disclaimer 1: this only works with genuine leather shoes.)
(disclaimer 2: this should be your LAST recourse.)

1. put on a really thick, fluffy winter sock.
2. stuff your socked foot in the undersized shoe. 
3. walk around for 3-5 mins. (yes, it will hurt. but 2 mins of pain for a lifetime of shoe comfort? priceless)
4. grab a hair dryer (high heat) and methodically blow hot air on the portion of the shoe you are hoping to stretch out—usually the front. (don't do this longer than 2-3 mins. you want the heat to slightly soften the leather so your shoe expands around your socked foot when the leather dries. not ruin your shoe.)
5. sit with your foot elevated (still in the shoe) for about 5-10 more minutes.

voila. when you take it off the shoe should be more roomy.

image source | omelle shoes

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