destination | san francisco

been off the radar again. this time i was in san francisco—love this city so much.  i ignored the touristy things this time around and spent more time exploring the mission district and the castro. i have never eaten so much food within a 96 hour period of time. each bite was the equivalent of a child blowing air into an expanding tiny balloon that was threatening to pop. now that i’m back on the east coast i am barely hungry; i think my body is still living off the rich fat from gorging buttery french deserts, authentic tacos and spicy turkish food. i feel like i’m two steps away from temporary gout like the old british kings. here are a few images from the trip. for a full recap of my bay area food adventures check out the boundary line blog here.  and for a peek at my vintage and boutique hopping travels click here. the crème brulee food truck in berkeley is brilliant and evil all at once. who unleashed that on society?

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