social change soulmates

i have a friend named johanna who is an extraordinary person and has accomplished some extraordinary things in less than 30 years that would take most people a lifetime to achieve. like recieving the bill and melinda gates foundation public service law school scholarship, becoming a comissioner to the city of seattle, working with the united nations in different capacities, etc.  it's hard to keep up with her. (sometimes i just make up weird titles for her because i can't keep up with her current ones. "special attache to the blah blah blah united nations water and sanitation project"? i mean how do you even fit that on a business card?) the best part is everything she does is driven by her compassion, conviction and her calling to help the people that need it most. it's such a privledge to watch her continue to sacrifice for others and it is so inspiring. she wrote the sweetest note to me here and it means the world because i always feel like i'm not doing enough to change all the awful things that happen in world on a daily basis. thanks jo. love you lots my hawaiian social-change-fireball-soulmate! she has an awesome, thought-provoking blog, check it out here.

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  1. :) I also use "blah blah blah" when asked about the work I do. The UN really needs to find a more efficient way to name its positions. thanks for the shout out dude.


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