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onyx feather is named one of the best local jewelry lines in dc by washingtonian magazine in their "best of dc" july issue out on newsstands right now! thanks so much to the editors of washingtonian for recognizing emerging designers! this is such a milestone moment for the line. it started as a little dream to merge creativity with an initiative to protect children that are victims of hunger and trafficking and slowly it has grown and gained traction. there have definitely been some failures and tough learning experiences along the way (owning a jewelry line part-time is hard) but the successes have outweighed them. through this business i’ve been blessed to meet so many creative, like-minded people. a huge thank you to my mom, tegan hare, jennifer wilsie, johanna gusman, jessica woodson, lauren frank, emily barenbregge, melia moore, joan kim, ashley truxon, and everyone else (you know who you are) that have supported the line from the very beginning.

below is a throwback image from the first shoot where we had no idea what we were doing! (like seriously no idea at all. we ended up trying to do a jewelry shoot in a graveyard during twilight... yea....we’ve come a long way...i think?)

and here is an image of ::shiny eyed:: tegan forcing the poor check-out clerk to look at the article like a mom with a kid on the honor roll. (we were in safeway when we stumbled across the magazine.) she's hilarious.

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