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one of my favorite parts of designing a necklace is selecting, designing or creating the clasp. to some people adding a clasp is just an afterthought. the sticky part of the envelope you distastefully lick when you are about to mail off your package. but to me the clasp is the artisanal waxed seal on a well-designed invitation. there are times i use an unconventionally modern clasp. or let a vintage clasp be the final antique touch on an otherwise contemporary piece. at times i pick a small, delicate clasp to play second fiddle to the necklace. it could be romantically floral. or uncompromisingly geometric. sometimes it is unapologetically crowned with swarovski crystals. or unassumingly etched with intricate filigree.

and then there are those moments i let the clasp steal the show. because the back of the neck is a part of a woman’s body that should never be an afterthought. because there is something alluring and elegant about catching a glimpse of  an exquisite clasp floating on the nape of a beautiful woman with an updo.

no matter the onyx feather collection your necklace comes from, every piece will have a graceful, strategically-designed clasp to compliment the nape of your neck.

                                    via | m. moore & emily barenbregge for onyx feather

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