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i usually like to stay behind the scenes when it comes to onyx feather press but i realized that would be impossible when washingtonian  magazine wanted to do an interview about the line and take pictures of my workspace. (i guess a blurred face would be normal on an episode of “cops” but a little awkward in an image accompanying a “meet the designer article.” ) thanks to laura and kelci from washingtonian for a fun, painless interview.  it’s always a celebration when invisible children is spotlighted and the line gets a shout out. and thanks to frank, stacy and tegan for always supporting me even in the tough and unsexy moments—like when we’re dragging heavy items or driving across town to find storage for the tiniest of beads. =)  there wouldn’t be a line without you three. here’s the link to the article:click.

                                           via | kelci house (washingtonian magazine)

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  1. Congratulations! This is so fantastic and look how beautiful your workspace is. :)


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