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"credit isn't the point. change is. | seth godin

i'm frequently asked why onyx feather supports invisible children. the short answer: they are brilliant storytellers, who not only innovatively disperse a message we need to hear, but also lead by example by taking the first steps to make a difference. it’s explained in detail on the about and mission pages of the onyx feather website.

proceeds from each piece of jewelry sold go to the legacy scholarship fund; this provides a full-ride, merit-based scholarship and mentoring for each student that goes through the program. for detailed information on this program i recommend checking out the ic legacy scholarship fund page.

here are the statistics of children currently supported by this program:
45% of students are girls; 55% are boys
• 91% of students are orphans

• 26.1% of students are orphans because of HIV/AIDS
• 23.9% of students are orphans due to war
• 5.5% of students are members of child-headed families
• 4.3% of students are child mothers
• 13.7% of students have been abducted by the LRA at least once

makes you think right?

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