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dc residents can often empathize with new yorkers and the unfortunate lack of living space available (maybe not as badly, but we get it). however, our lack of space shouldn’t determine how we choose to utilize our personal space. i came across a feature in page six about barbara bisoni and her expansive, chic loft on manhattan’s lower east side (she obviously wouldn’t know anything about our suffering).

although the article is about bisoni transitioning her place to a tranquil retreat, i was instantly drawn to this article because of the eclectic imagery—graffiti, vintage pieces, juxtaposition of colors, the list goes on. she has a stark white bedroom accented with some of her grandmother’s favorite things (hello, vintage), old family photos, and art books. even though most of us don’t have as much living space as bisoni, the key is to find ways to mix the old with the new. the benefit of remixing? it’s unique to you and only you. enjoy it. —j.woodson

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  1. Thanks for the comment =) I love your jewelry!!! Love the vintage and modern feel to each piece.


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