romp around | how to wear a romper without looking like a toddler

there's a thin line between romper and adult-onsie. alarmingly thin. if you fall on the wrong side of  it there's a chance someone might snatch you, plug a pacifier in your mouth, and dump you in the nearest playpen. the difficult truth about rompers: they don't kook great on everyone. if a romper doesn't work for you, don't dwell on it. move on to another more complimentary trend. if you can't get over it and insist on wearing one badly then don't get mad if you end up in the aforementioned pacifier-onsie-snatch situation. (you were warned.)

romping tips:
1. best body type for a romper = slim or petite, long legs and not a lot of junk-in-the trunk. (there are exceptions to every rule so if you think you can work a romper without these restrictions go for it.)
2. shoes: daytime:  flat sandals or gladiators. evenings: heels or wedges kick it up a notch.
3. purse: an over-sized clutch.
4. jewelry: keep it minimal. perhaps a cuff, or a pair of large earrings, or a statement ring. don't over-accessorize. let the romper do its thing.
5. for romping reference purposes there is a picture of rihanna red carpet romping below. what can one say? good girl gone bad knows how to romp.

red lou lou romper |  stevenalan

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