closet building blocks | what's in YOUR closet?

a closet can tell you a lot about a person’s style and personality.

do they take risks? shop in one place? are they scared of color? do their clothes fit properly? are they preppy? bohemian? scared of attention? a brand snob with no imagination? messy? anal? always in a hurry? do they like accessories? are they creative? practical? classic? overly-trendy? a pack rat? well-traveled? do they over-by? (a sign of an over-buyer: clusters of unworn clothing with price tags still on.) a minimalist? stuck in a certain time period? etc......

i like assessing people’s closets before i help them do a style overhaul--it's an essential first step. 
admittedly it’s also my version of peeking through the pages of their diary.

image source | fashion toast

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