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for the past week i've been taking a break from the east coast to explore san francisco and take care of some onyx feather stuff.  it's been wonderful weather, world class food (there is lemon olive oil running through my veins instead of blood right now) and unbelievable shopping. i'll have more pictures when i get back. during this trip i've also gotten to watch kony 2012 gain traction. so proud of  every person who took the time to stand up and make a difference about an issue most people hadn't heard about. and to engage teenagers--that's so difficult to do. there is power in advocacy. and this is only just the beginning. can't wait to see how this campaign will affect legislative policy later this year. i wish we could spend more time paying attention to issues like kony and syria and less time absorbing news stories about angelina's leg or snooky's pregnancy.

                      [images via onyx_feather instagram, necklaces by onyx feather]

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