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a new travel publication—wayfare—just launched and i’m simply mad about it. it fuses everything i love (stories, travel, great photography and design) into one impeccably curated publication. also, it has an elegant humility that a lot of travel publications do not possess. there are no lofty, elitist goals or bravado adventures to showcase, just the simple goal of spreading the spirit of discovery. “not a single person here is a travel expert or social media visionary. every element of what we do benefits from collaboration.” –erica dublin (wayfare)

journey through the pages of wayfare here.

                                                                       [wayfare ]


  1. beautifully said. will definitely check this out. thanks for sharing!

    - aimee
    SwellMayde DIY's

  2. Looks fantastic, thanks for sharing, definitely off to check it out! And I see they featured Babylonstoren! I'm going there on Saturday, it is an amazing place!!x


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