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coming clean: had a million conversations with people about how dumb winter shorts were. and then one day i saw the image above and a light bulb clicked and changed everything. you can wear winter shorts in the fall—you just have to do it correctly.            
starter tips…    the material of your shorts needs to be wintery. herringbone, wool, that sort of thing.  the quickest way to look like you have seasonal-fashion-identity-crisis is to run around town in some summer-time khaki shorts with tights. ::shudder::        
speaking of tights. there needs to be a pair of complementary textured tights thrown in the mix (lace, patterned, woolly, the sky is the limit). bare legs in shorts in the fall? been there. it’s not hot. (you just look really cold and everyone around you deliberates on the odds of you getting frost bite.)      
booties. for a novice winter shorts look better with ankle boots, or booties—they show more leg. the more comfortable you are with wearing winter shorts, the more liberty you’ll feel to pair them with different shoe combinations.        
finally, what to wear them with? try a leather jacket, a blazer, or a chunky knit sweater.

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