foto files | emily barenbregge

leaving the country is always an incredible adventure. it reminds you about the world that exists outside of your apartment. outside of  the subways, the movie theaters, the amusement parks, the grocery stores, the holiday inns, the interstates, and the talkative politicians on cable that become a part of our daily american reality. it's a world filled with rich cultures, incredible new flavors, picturesque landscapes, arresting architecture, and captivating individuals with diverse perspectives and experiences. this passion for travel is a huge reason why onyx feather is based on cities. i wanted to capture a tiny of piece of that dynamic world and breathe it into something as simple as jewelry. love these images of hyderabad (india), budapest, and tét (hungary) captured by emily. aren't they brilliant? rekindles my wanderlust...

                                                      credit | e. barenbregge

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