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excited about a girl's road trip to philly this weekend to visit an amazing friend who also serves as my muse.  (we'll sit there and she'll literally start spurting out unconventional ideas for future onyx feather collections like some sort of design savant. it's incredibly unnerving for outsiders to observe.) also can't wait to explore the off-beat vintage philly has to offer. been gathering inspiration for the next line which has led me to aggregating images of chandeliers. (this hot pink one is so wicked it's nonsensical. love it.) here are some vintage and modern chandeliers i've unearthed during my blog travels and paired with complementary dresses. enjoy the weekend!

love how the feminity of the crystal droplets is reflected in this valentino dress.

king ludwig II's bedchamber chandelier. intense right? 
only an oscar de la renta dress can stand next to that.
via | oscar de la renta | burrs & berries | wv jazzman

more modern than the others. interesting how much this elie saab dress mirrors this chandelier. even her necklace parallels with the hardware on the right.
pink chandelier | haeshu

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