how to | mix in menswear

introducing menswear into a outfit without looking like a female linebacker may seem daunting, but it's actually easily achievable in 3 simple steps:
1.  important: your clothing must fit properly. (this might involve a tailor—worth it if it’s an investment piece.)
2.  clash and complement.  mix patters or textures that are different, but make sure they have a complimentary common denominator. (example: a dark-gray herringbone skirt will most likely complement a light-gray plaid shirt.)
3.  add an element of brazen femininity. bright  lipstick. or colorful heels. or a statement clutch. or a fluorescent belt. just one though.  in the image below lucy meets this criteria by showcasing a lot of leg with her mini dress.

 here's an example of how a purse and open-toe summer booties  can make a traditionally masculine outfit seem more feminine.

images via | lucylaucht

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