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most women are extremely wary of skinny belts and rightly so. the skinny belt is a tricky apparatus that can make a woman look either bewitchingly chic and streamlined or reminiscent of an italian sausage hanging in the window of a butcher's shop.

general skinny belt guidelines
1. wear them above the navel (tiniest part of the waist).
2. they particularly flatter long torsos and hour glass figures.
3. they look chic on shift dresses, over cardigans, and cinching well-tailored blazers.
4. don't limit them to the torso: they look great in the belt loops of pants, skirts and shorts.
5. never play it safe with skinny belts: the more monochromatic or dull an outfit is, the more a brightly-hued skinny belt adds complexity to it.
6. over-styling is an easy skinny belt trap, don't fall in! (example below.)

J. Crew handles the art of styling the skinny belt pretty well (mostly).

over-styling (i.e. trying way too hard):

great styling:

red belt+ dress featured above | bythebelt

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