closet building blocks | how to wear a navy blazer

a great closet building block is a navy blazer. it's less austere than a black one and it's a) the appropriate tool to dress up or dress down an outfit,  b) perfect for layering, c) all-purpose: you can wear a navy blazer fall through spring and d) is a strong neutral that complements a lot of colors: purples, greys, mustards, creams, tans, kelly green, etc. (if you have an instinct for playing with color you can get away with wearing the infamous navy + black combination.)

the key to pulling off a blazer is the fit: it needs to fit properly around the shoulder/chest area or you'll just look like a hassled soccer mom from the early nineties. blazers work wonderfully with skinny jeans, shorts, mini skirts, tunics, belted over dresses...the list is endless. Lucky mag has a must-see 4 min video tutorial on 5 different ways to wear a navy blazer for those who need a bit of guidance. the looks range from casual Parisian, to bohemian and laid back all-American. worth checking out if you are trying to figure out how to style one multiple ways.

here are some navy blazers with different price points. (tip: Zara and H&M are great destinations for inexpensive ones.) the blazer featured above is the Need Supply Dressage coat ($58).

J. Crew wool school boy blazer ($198)

Banana Republic ($130) claims this blazer is navy. I claim they are color blind?

real life example of the versatility of a navy blazer: my friend Danielle. Nordstrom brand little boy's school uniform blazer purchased for a steal at a thrift shop.

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