closet building blocks | clutches (v-day edition)

not a fan of pink. or the gooeyness of valentine's day. but decided to give in a little to the love swirling about in the air and feature some v-day themed clutches with unusual prints and textures (and varying price points).

        "flower on red" clutch

"love letter" clutch

"winter velvet and silk" clutch

"raspberry rocker" cluctch

"dahlia" clutch

"hendrix mini bag"

"flora" clutch

 "frame" clutch

sources | flutter flower clutch [128], j. crew | flower on red [45], tulip couture, | love letter [130], felix rey | winter velvet & silk [60], designdujour | raspberry rocker [62.99], modcloth  | dahlia [70], upstyle | hendrix mini bag [165], matt & nat,  | flora [39], zelaya | frame [195], halston heritage

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