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top knots (which were all over the runway and have been hailed the “it” hair style of 2010) are the perfect run-out-the-door hair-do: they’re less severe than a traditional bun, but more playful than a chignon. they are quite transformative too: paired with large earrings they give off a casual chic vibe; accompanied with tasteful studs they denote timeless elegance. with a traditional top knot perfection is the enemy: the messier they are the better.

while traditional top knots are appealing in a simple Parisian way, seeing a twist on them is also quite refreshing. like a bitingly tart lemon sorbet on a summer evening. (trader joes. three dollars. seriously.) example: for an edgier knot try Chanel Iman’s Mohawk bun (worn during the black coffee runway 2010 runway show).
or for a more polished, upper east side look (when time is not your enemy) try this asymmetrical twist-knot  seen at a michael kors runway show during london fashion week.

a jeweled hair comb is also an elegant way to dress up a non-traditional bun with minimal effort. in april we’ll be doing an ad campaign for the onyx feather line. hopefully we’ll be able to sneak some messy, asymmetrical top knots somewhere in the photoshoot.

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