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scarves are the textile industry’s inexpensive gift to the masses. with just a little scrap of functional rectangular or square cloth you can instantly transform an outfit from opera formal to artsy, edgy, preppy, Parisian, etc. scarves are also a way to make a stylistic departure from your usual aesthetic while still playing it safe. when picking out a scarf a) texture, b) color, and c) length are the top three concerns.

as a veteran scarf freak (my closet is an alarming jungle gym of colorful cloth) one question I receive a lot is: “how did you tie your scarf like that?” that’s the other hidden beauty with scarves: one scarf can transform numerous ways into a multitude of varying looks.  ivillage has a short slideshow on how to wrap a scarf 7 basic ways. they don’t include a lot of techniques (e.x. doubling the scarf around your neck twice for volume and securing it with a little brooch—a personal favorite) but it does lay out the basics. Enjoy!

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